Hawk Bags presents latest back to school collection

Hawk bags, a brand that has long been a recognized for its craftsmanship and quality. Hawk has a wide range of bags suited to match every lifestyle. Their mission is to deliver high quality products with the finest materials available, superior craftsmanship, durability, innovation and exceptional design with practical functionality.  

I was excited to visit their store in Market Market because I'm a big fan of this brand. I always use my hawk bags when I'm travelling, hiking, camping and going to school (nung elementary and high school pa ako, gamit ko yung bag ko from Hawk kasi madaming malalagay, haha kasi naman nung elementary ako lahat ng libro at notebook "12 notebooks" pinapadala sa amin, bwiset! hahahha,).

 presenting the multi-billion dollar shot! hahahah LOL. 


Hawk bag presents its latest back to school collection. I love their new collection of bags because it's colorful, vibrant, fun and stylish too. They have three unique and cool collections like the "Hawk Monopak fuzion collection" that has cool and quirky designs to it, perfect for young people and also for the young at heart. The Hawk Monopack collection" has bold and striking colors combined in one bag; just like the trend of color blocking and lastly the Hawk Monopack hybrid collection, quite the same with the Hawk Monopack but the combination of colors is very different. 

Upper part: "Hawk Monopack collection
Bottom: Hawk monopack fuzion collection

Endorser levels lang! hahahahahha

During the event, the owner and Mr. Gerard Grana of Hawk Bags talked about how safe these bags for us. One brand of bag stood out and passed the US standards for consumer products. Hawk Bag was the only brand from the tested batch that was found to be safe for everyday use. A variety of Hawk products were tested and the results were astounding. The bags possessed almost undetectable traces of lead, as they were only 5 ppm up to 42 ppm only. This only proves that Hawk Bags are of superior quality. Not only are they durable, they’re also safe for everyday use.

Then after that, the great news comes in. They said to pick one bag as a token/gift. I was so happy and kilig at the same time hahaha ewan ko kung bakit ako kinilig, hahah baliw lang.

Medyo nahirapan ako kung ano pipiliin ko ah, hahahaha and also I was thinking kung ibibigay ko siya sa little brother ko or para sa akin hahahha medyo selfish pag sa akin, so I decided just give it to my little brother. 

ahhhh! this!. I know my little brother will love this bag btw there are three guys (customers) who also want this bag and parang nakita ko ang pagka hinayang sa fes nila nung nasa kamay ko na yung bag hahah kasi daw limited edition lang tong bag na to and in fact the owner and the marketing head of hawk said to me "great choice! galing pumili ah" hahah and I was like "stop it! youuuuuuuuu! ^__^" hahahaha.

Bloggers happy and satisfied with the bag the chose. Early Christmas indeed!.

The iconic Hawk Logo

So guys! Go visit their store here in Market Market and in all leading malls, department stores nationwide. Tamang tama malapit na pasukan! (back to school bags)  hhahahah kaya goow na sa Hawk Bags. Stylish and Safe. 

You can also visit their facebook fan page: click here
and also follow them on twitter @hawkbag click here

Thank you so much Hawk bags for having us bloggers! 
thank you! :) 


  1. last time ganun din bag ko, then last year I bought a wenger backpack, and until now I am still using it.

  2. I'm always been a big fan of hawk bag! from school and even until now that I'm already working. This is the one that I currently use! :D https://www.goods.ph/Hawk-Backpack-4386-Large-16579.html Hawk Backpack 4386


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