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Yeay! another video blog post for you guys!. I know we all love watching movies and videos and I'm proud to say that I'm a movie buff but please don't ask me who's actor in a movie quoted this kind of questions haha I'm not good in remembering quotes from movies that I watched . I know a lot people love watching movies, since people love watching movies or videos from Youtube and Vimeo, why not add videos to my blog posts.. haha quite genius eh? and some bloggers that I know are now doing this kind of style; bloggers like Adam G, Megann Monday etc.

 So for today's outfit post, I've decided to wear a cap haha yes a cap!. I have to admit it, I hate wearing caps ever since I was born; because I don't want to hide my perfectly styled hair "hahahha joke". I'm really having a hard time styling my hair coz the last time I had a haircut is nung March pa tapos May na! so ang ending sobrang gulo na niya! kahit anong ayos wala na! hahaha kaya yun, no choice isusuot ko na lang ang cap na ito. I think I pulled it off naman diba? hahahah.


What I'm wearing:
Gray Button down with aztec details from New Groove
Chinos from Bench/
Gray socks from SM Dept Store
Shoes Milanos
Gray Cap online

This is the first time I wore this gray button down shirt with aztec details. You know sometimes I buy and buy stuff and after a few weeks "ohhhhhh, I bought this shirt? , what? when? where? ". Haha and this habit of mine is the main reason why I'm always broke. I should control myself on buying things but heeeeey! this is really a nice one shirt haha. 

This button down comes with a hoodie!, so pag umulan! hahah itaas ang hood! but you can also hide it if you don't want to show it. Saka ayoko na itaas ang hood, jusko mag mukha na akong magnanakaw pag tinaas ko pa, may cap na nga naka hood pa! hahaha. 

Awesome Aztec details ayt? :)) 

Photog and videographer : Neil Patrick Sheen 
See you on Friday partner! hahhahaha

Thank you for reading, Enjoy your summer vacay guys!!!


  1. wooow ang ganda ng video!! "Adam Gallagher of the Philippines" lang ang peg! =)


    1. hahah true, siya talaga ang gusto kong i achieve! hahahha


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