The Great Mr. Panda

I think this is the effect of reading too much street style websites and looking through what the attendees of Italy, New York and Paris fashion week wore. I'm taking my style to the next level and I want to stand out

I looove animals especially those furry, huge, and huggable types of animals (teddy bear like). So this fashion week I was inspired at those kind of animals specifically Pandas!, admit it! they are too cuuuuuute! ^_^, I want to have my very own panda and I remember I used to have many Panda stuffed toys when I was young but when I turned 11 I disposed it all *insert evil laugh here*.
For the love of Pandas, I've decided to wore this black and white faux fur at Michael Cinco's show (Philippine fashion week holiday 2013) and this outfit caught the attention of many people when I entered the venue "I'm not used to people staring at me for a long long long time" but who cares?! this is fashion week and I think it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.  


What I'm wearing:
Black Button down from Polo by Ralph Lauren
Black and white faux fur from Angel Citiz
Skinny trousers from Topman
Mirror Sunnies from SM Accessories.

Let me share you first my inspirations on this outfit "how I came up with this outfit". 

Chanel fall 2010 and of course cute Pandas! ^__^

This mirror sunnies from SM Accessories definitely adds a lot of edge in this whole outfit. lakas maka Anna Dello Russo and Bryan Boy! hahahaha. I should buy more of this kind of eye wear but in different lens color.  

Fyi I didn't feel any discomfort while wearing this faux fur, it's just like you're wearing a cardigan hahahah! :)

photos by Juan Lorenzo Abiba


  1. You definitely stand out, love. And you look FAB!!!


  2. Great sweater and definitely you will have to wear it more often now that we're entering the rainy season. :)

  3. Oh my G! That's super cute! I absolutely love Panda. ♥ And that faux fur looks good on you.

  4. Love your get up. Astig ang dating. The Pandas' photos are great.

  5. Oh my gosssssh!!!! I love your outfit. This is so cooool. Where did you buy it?

  6. Hahahaha...super cute Michael! Great Panda inspired fashion really give you that STUNNING and HIGH CLASS FASHION Stand out.

  7. The panda outfit looks cool. I'm sure no actual panda was harmed for this, right? =>

  8. you really stand out with that Panda inspired looks..

  9. Cute! That outfit is perfect if you're going in a cold place/area. Pero sa labas? Hmm. Hehe.

    I love pandas too!! :)

  10. wow amazing look! from runway to your wardrobe! i also do this whenever i go to events. I search for trends to wear or any celebrity outfits for inspirations.

  11. naks naman. bear na bear na bear. pero ang grabe pala nung isang picture dun yung bear-like, parang ang init nun. nice look micheal!!

  12. Ang cute naman ni Mr. Panda.Mukhang huggable bear,lol. Anyway, that is also perfect for winter. i like the black and white color of it.

  13. Two-thumb up for Mr. Panda. He looks great and cute on the furry coat he wears.

  14. omg ang cute ng outfittey mo! Very high fashion! I rarely see guys who could pull off such look, and you're one of them! You totally rule! =)

  15. The faux fur sweater looks cute. And it looks good on you. But I'm just wondering, do you find it comfortable to wear that here in Pinas?


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