Bon Chon now opens at SM City Taytay

Bon Chon, the korean foodie favorite in New York, is finally here in SM City Taytay. 

I remembered me and my friend was talking about food the other day and the coolest resto here in the metro through  phone because we are planning where we would it eat the next time we hang out together, I remembered he mentioned Bon Chon "hehe fyi Bon Chon has become an alternative of McDonalds to us because we always ended up eating at Bon Chon whenever we go out". So after we talked, I checked my email and I got an invite from SM City Taytay, they are inviting us to go there, check their stores , what's new at SM City Taytay and to try the newly open Bon Chon.  

It was my first time at SM City Taytay last Sunday and also at Taytay but it was definitely a fun day because I got the chance to see the interior of SM City Taytay and compared it here at Manila's SM branches also the ambiance is very different compared to the SM Malls here.

So we headed First to Pizza Hut for a quick lunch and after that they toured us around the mall, checked the stores inside SM City Taytay, their food court, their event center where all the events of SM Taytay are held and lastly Bon Chon. 

The "I love Bon Chon" logo outside of their store. 


I know we are all familiar with Bon Chon and how their food tastes, so I'm not gonna do a specific review about it anymore coz it tastes the same with the other Bon Chon branches. It tastes Great!!. 

So guys! y'all better visit Bon Chon at SM City Taytay and I'm very sure you'll gonna love it too!. 

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  1. Great photos!

    I love those pictures!



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