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I'm a music lover! and I can't live without music in fact earphones/headphones is one of the things I always bring with me whenever I go to an event, travelling and every time I go to school because listening to music relaxes me, makes me feel good and it takes me to another dimension or place by just listening to my favorite songs.
So last week I got this cool headphones from Skullcandy Philippines! yeheeey!. Been crazy over Skullcandy's headphones since the first time I saw their stuff in a men's style and fashion magazine, their designs are awesome, vibrant, modern, over the top and stylish!, fit for people who are looking for style but at the same time the performance. Skullcandy just released this headphones here in the Philippines, this product was released 6 months ago in some countries "yeah I know we're kinda late when it comes to technology but personally I don't mind it, I think tech bloggers will mind it a lot! because they always want to be the first to try a certain product". 

Let's talk about first the outer appearance/design of the product.

The design of it is very high fashion, it can compete with other premium headphones.
This headphones was inspired by the aviation headset use by pilots and also the aviators sunglasses. How cool is that? headphones inspired by the aviation headset and aviators sunnies, now i know the reason why I always get the feeling that I'm a pilot or in an aircraft while wearing this. Aside from black this headphones comes in two different colors; white and royal blue.

aviation headset

Here's the box of my Skullcandy supreme sound navigation.

Immerse yourself in your music with the Skullcandy Navigator on-ear headphones. Featuring polycarbonate headphone cups and lush memory foam ear cushions, these headphones offer superior comfort and longevity. Skullcandy's exclusive Supreme Sound technology and proprietary speaker design deliver outstanding sound and clarity, giving you an amazing audio experience.


Product features

  • On-ear headphones made with polycarbonate headphone cups, memory foam ear cushions and premium materials

  • Proprietary speaker design features custom-styled drivers, materials and tuning for superior sound quality and clarity

  • Mic3 functions include volume control, make/take control, voice command and photo shutter

  • Ergonomic designed based on aviator sunglasses

  • Detachable TPE cable offers durability and convenience

  • Collapsible for easy portability and storage

  • Carrying case included

now let's open the box!
gaaaah! lovin' the minimalism of it. Chic and classic. 
It comes with a user guide and a small black velvet ish pouch where you put the wire/connector of the headphones. 

I prefer black because it can be paired with any color, it's very versatile and it never goes out of style, probably after 10 years this headphones will still look stylish and modern "now that's the power of the color black". Such a great investment.

The headband is made out of leather. It's not heavy when you wear it, it's lightweight. I love that the audio cable is detachable, even if the audio cable break you can just buy another one and the audio cable of this headphone is very functional, because you can make/take calls, play and pause tracks, up and down volume.

the inside of the headphone pads have a large Skull logo and also at the top of each headphone post has a small black and silver skull signature highlighting throughout the product.  The ear cups are soft, fluffy and comfortable to wear, it doesn't gave me any discomfort after wearing it for almost 3 hours.

Now let's talk about the performance (sound quality) of it..

It says on the box that it works best with ipod, iphone and itouch but I tried it on my smart phone and I also tried it on my galaxy note tab. It can produce great sound quality even though you're not an apple user, it catches the rhythm quickly and it produces clear audio.

Over all this product is perfect for people who are looking for both style and performance. I was 100% satisfied with this product not because it was sponsored by Skullcandy Philippines because this product is great!. The performance is beyond amazing, it produces clear audio sounds, it's stylish, modern and lastly it's a Skullcandy product! :)  

this product deserves 9 stars out of 10 stars! 

Oooooooooooooops hold on there..I'm not yet finish..
I compiled some looks that match perfectly with this headphones... 


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  1. Need to replace my headphone so I might check out this Skullcandy. =)

    1. btw I want to see you wearing Skullcandy! Mind including it in an outfit post? =)

  2. This looks amazing. I've been thinking of replacing my earphones, it's from Pioneer. I need one for my future music recording. Will check Skullcandy :) Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Great headphone! Love to own a piece of that brand. For sure many people will find it a great gadget or accessories too.

  4. I have tried Skull Candy headphones in stores and liked the sound but they are too expensive.

  5. Wow, I am not really into fashion but I was amaze with the fact that headphones must be matched with what you are wearing. I like the design but too expensive for me.

  6. my eldest son just informed me tonight they need to bring headphone next wednesday for their computer class. I'm having a second thought if I'll buy him like the one you posted here. It seems expensive :)

  7. This kind of a gadget is perfect to all music enthusiasts. I have a friend who have Skull Candy headphone and she lost it inside a taxi. Thanks God the taxi driver return it to her by means of broadcasting it on the radio.

  8. My kids would love to have this headphones, knowing its features... sounds HIGH QUALITY. I may consider this brand when their Sennheiser gets inefficient.

  9. hubby just bought a headphone and I was telling him to get skull candy.. he bought a different brand but I can't remember which..

  10. I had a pair of SCs once... they don't seem to last very long. Such a shame for supposedly 'premium' headphones.


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