Haha I know some of you are already raising their eyebrows after reading this blog post's title but before you judge and raise your eyebrows please do read the whole blog post. While reading the Man Repeller blog, I stumbled into a really funny post featuring pictures of celebrities chopped off heads and put it on to a different body dressed in a sublime look, that's the post where I got inspired in creating this. It was really funny!! well all of the post in that blog is pretty hilarious. 

I have always dreamed of wearing the designs and creations of the world's best and prolific fashion designers, daaaamn! if only I could afford them all swear! I'm not wearing a shirt and a shorts that I bought from cotton on while creating this blog post, I'll be in my Hermes couture ensemble!. I'm not gonna wait for a year or 10 years to make that dream of mine come true, I'm gonna make it happen right now!. Let's do it the Man Repeller way! hahahaha. As the red queen from the Alice and Wonderland said "Off with his head!!".

Purpose of this post is to make fun of myself! hahah, make you laugh people! because fashion doesn't have to be serious, to be really, really good. 

Michael Macalos in Neil Barrett. hahaha.

Me wearing Calvin Klein. I'm red carpet ready in this beautifully printed pants and tux. 

HAHA, my modelling days wearing an ensemble from Kenzo spring/summer 2014 collection



(playing stylist) B*tch please, I'm hot and I'm wearing designer clothes

I feel like I'm the male version of Audrey Hepburn and Carrie Bradshaw every time I visit clothing stores/shops, not the clothing stores you see inside the malls but the shops/atelier of our country's couturier and also some clothing brands that have their own shop. I love visiting fashion designers atelier because you get to see and feel the texture of their fabulous designs/works, their mood board for this season, their very lavish and chic store design and lastly you get to talk to the designer itself and be friends with him/her (it's very important that fashion bloggers/style bloggers have lots of fashion designer friends because they can help you what to wear if you have an event to attend).

Yesterday, I got the privileged to visit a shop in Makati that offers Italian quality and world class suits and barongs for men. The name of the shop that I'm talking about is Tiño Suits and Barongs. Eveytime a person ask me what are my tips in dressing up, the first that I always tell to them that you should know first your identity in order to develop your personal style and second wear clothes that flatter and complements your body structure, "fit is the key to perfection".



Store visit at Tiño Suits and Barongs.

drum rolls please....and the winner of my Skullcandy Philippines x The Contemporary Boy blog giveaway is....

Say Yap!!!
Congratulations Say! you just won an awesome Skullcandy earphones!!!
I will contact you immediately on how to claim your prize :).
Before I end this post I just want to thank all my blog readers and blog viewers who joined this giveaway, I feel loved because of the total entries of this blog giveaway earned 23,000+!! "super thank you!!! hindi ko talaga ine-expect!" and don't be sad guys because this will not be the last blog giveaway, I have a lot of awesome stuff to give to all of you on the succeeding months courtesy of different brands (from clothing to gadgets).. :)) 

Till' the next giveaway!!! :)


Skullcandy Philippines x The Contemporary Boy blog giveaway Winner!!

"Thank you so so much Kim Nieves of Glitteringly yours for sending me these pictures at my email, I really appreciate it ♥ "

Daaaamn, every time I see these photos of this fashion show, I remember the dumbest moment/thing I did as a fashion blogger. In every event that I was invited, I always bring my camera with me to take photos of the event; photos are very important as a fashion blogger because this keeps your readers from reading your article up to the end.

 It was raining real' hard and I was rushing prepping myself up for the event, I was afraid that I will be late and there will be no seats available for me even though the organizer said that each attendees has its own reserved seats, so I leaved my house at around 3:30 p.m and I was rushing putting my things in my bag that time (wallet, cellphone, camera, etc.), I arrived at the venue at exactly 4:20 p.m and I quickly get my camera from my bag, the moment I opened my dslr camera, there's this message that popped up in my camera's screen "PLEASE INSERT MEMORY CARD" and I was SHOOOCKED!! because with all the things that are not so important that should be forgotten on that day why my camera's memory card pa? (haha biglang nag conyo?). That incident quite changed my good mood into semi grumpy. So from now on, before I leave the house I will always check if my camera's memory card is inserted. 

This is the craziest fashion show that I've been to so far!!, craziest not because of how gorgeous these male models are, crazy because of the screaming fans that watched this show. Gaaaaah! I think my ears are not functioning well after this event. All the fans were screaming at the top of their lungs and the attendees started standing and going near the runway just to shake the hands of these male models (fashion show etiquette please). I wish the organizers of this event organized the seating arrangement of the attendees and they should've separated the media, VIP and press from all the crazy fan girls and fan boys, because I/we can't focus on the show if you have a girl screaming at the top of her lungs beside you (constructive criticism). 



SM Men's fashion "Just Delivered jeans" year 4

I remember when I bought a black shirt from a thrift store last month (yes! I shop at thrift shops and I love it!) , it was a black jacket in velvet texture and it has this cute white floral details on the back (outfit post soon wearing that), without hesitation I bought that jacket and it only cost me around 100 pesos or 150 pesos I think?. I double checked the jacket if it has some damaged that needs stitching, luckily it doesn't have any damage and I read the label of the jacket "Sean Suen", at first I was like "hmmm, it sounds Chinese" obviously I don't know about the brand/designer and I thought it was from a black market in China. That thought changed when I got home and googled abou the brand, the brand Sean Suen is a famous Chinese label that designed contemporary clothes for men and their designs has been rocking both Milan and Paris fashion week. I was indeed lucky! to find a jacket that originally cost a thousand dollars, the many wonders of thrift shopping!. 

Moving on, Sean Suen rocked my world again (love their last season's collection, the leather shirt with cuts on the sides is genius), their fall/winter 2013 lookbook is beyond perfection. The fabric blocking is superb, I love the innovative cuts of each pieces, the texture and the materials looks awesome, from velvets and wools to metallics. Over all each piece is very visually eye catching. 



Sean Suen fall/winter 2013 lookbook makes me wanna dance

Dear God, please give me more money or take away my expensive taste.
-Carrie Bradshaw

I chose to be unique and quite weird in my fashion choices nowadays because I believe that fashion should be artistically weird and unique. As a personal style blogger it's my task to give my readers an inspiration or should I say an artistic approach in dressing for them to be inspired (or to hate me, not my intention though). A lot of readers of mine were asking "Why did you change your personal style from preppy and polished to something more avant-garde looking?" and I told them that "A lot" of people especially guys were doing the same thing, that kind of look (printed button down+skinny jeans+denim jacket/blazer+brogues) , as a fashion/personal style blogger you need something that will make your readers not forget you easily (something that will remember you/or make a mark on their minds) and If I keep on doing that "common" kind of look, I think I'm not being true to myself. It took me a lot of courage and time to switch into this avant-garde style, it's not just an overnight thought, this style should be 100% felt into an individual's heart. I know only few people can appreciate this kind of style (I believe that people who really knows what fashion is can appreciate this style) but I'm not begging to other people who are not fully aware in fashion for their appreciation, what I need is RESPECT, respect in my ART and respect in my passion



Day-glo reflection

The entire collection is available now for purchase from the Mister online store.



Mister Summer 2013 Snapbacks

In Social Media, Every person's life is perfect. People show only the best part of their lives, while their worst are hidden from the world.

Decided to create a post where in you can see what I'm doing outside the social media/blogosphere. I entitled this post "My so-called Instalife" because I was inspired by the hit american tv series back in '95 "my so-called life" and the pictures in this post are all from my Instagram account. Hope you can follow me on Instagram @michaelmacalaos. Enjooooooy!!. 

1. Addicted to gladdiator sandals right now, pwede ko na siyang ipalit sa mga sneakers ko hahaha.
2. just saw a box full of baby mannequin's body parts.
3. Been dying to have this Givenchy pervert shirt since last year.
4. Did a hand painting illustration for our illustration subject. 
5. Saw this cool book "Fashion graphics" on SALE.
6. Designed my friend's outfit sa debut na ina-tendan niya.
7. So overwhelmed with the number of entries on my blog giveaway, sa ngayon nasa 13k or 14k na.
8. Love! love! Boris Bidjan Saberi SS14.
9. My ring accessory at that time, the claw like ring accessory.
10. Cool picture of Darth Vader, giving a nice hand gesture.
11. Bought this white unconventional leather bag.
12. Woke up feeling sick and tired.
13. My Darth Vader inspired look.
14. Love this quotation of Yohji Yamamoto



My so-called Instalife

Decided to portray one of the worst  and most evil movie villain of all time, none other than Darth Vader from the epic movie Star Wars. Remember in my earlier outfit post, the "German Nazi" one, where I attended a party dressed up like a German Nazi (with the flag's iconic color white, black and red), I made a lot of both good and bad impressions in that outfit. I don't know why but I have this soft spot here in my heart for evil people especially these movie villains.....why?..maybe because I'm curious what made them do all these bad things (things happen for a reason ayt?) just like Jig Saw from the movie Saw, the reason why he kills people because his victims don't value their lives. Some of them are criminals who have served their time in jail and yet still go back and do the same crimes, some of them are drug addicts who dont give a damn and want to kill themselves, jigsaw is just making it easier for them..and in Darth Vader's case according to Yoda he had too much fear in his heart- a big fear of being away from his mom. he was afraid for her. He went to the dark side esp when his mother was killed and he was filled with anger too.....yeah probably those are the reasons why I don't hate that much these movie villains. 




Darth Vader

I have to admit it, I'm not a pro when it comes to taking photos but I know how a great picture looks like. (so don't hate, hahaahhah joke)

I just want to share you guys a photo that I personally photographed. Thankful that I'm now seeing the effects/results of the photography workshops I've attended this year (mga tatlong workshop din yun ah, haha fashion photography courtesy of the Photography Academy Manila, basic photography and product photography) and also the tips and some techniques that our professor in our photography class taught us (so far..). 

I'm so in loved with this photo, it's so beautiful that I have to share and blog it btw this was a test shot (dapat, I'm figuring out what settings would be perfect in the whole brick backdrop at that time..and after few seconds.. voila! magic happens!!)

The guy in this photo is one of my closest friends (yeees! close na) since my college life started, He's also a personal style blogger. His name is Mike Miguel of Mike Will Fly. Learn more about his life and his style by visiting his blog "mikewillfly.tumblr.com". Sorry Mike kung nag leaked dito sa blog ko yung next outfit look mo! hehehe sa sobrang ganda kasi kailangan ko siya i blog! churii na ^_^ :)) 

no photo enhancements were done in this photo, purely raw image

Speaking of college friends, my classmate is about to celebrate her 18th birthday this Friday and I'm still having a hard time figuring out what gift to give her. Thankfully Zalora Philippines is there to help me, as they already started their Christmas Rush Bazaar (Christmas page in their website). It offers a lot of unique and cool Christmas gift ideas for both men and women (well kahit hindi pa Christmas pak! na pak pa rin yung mga gift ideas dito sa Christmas page nila) . Already eyeing on some items that I think my gurlfriend will love. 


Tribe Adventure

"Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being".

Blame the weather here in my country for my lack of consistency in this blog of mine, the weather here really sucks (raining cats and dogs everyday) especially last week. To beat my lack of consistency I called my friend Mike Miguel to photograph all my outfits and I also did the same for him to return the favor. I will never let the bitchy weather delay me from publishing here in my website.  

For today's outfit post, I've decided to wear an all black ensemble inspired by my favorite cutting edge fashion houses and this look an extra edge I wore this sleek black jumper which reminds me of my childhood hehe " I used to wear jumper when I was 5 or 6 years old and I remembered that it has 7 pockets!, I can put a lot of gums in my pants back in the day". 



Son of Anarchy

Top designer Alexander Wang hosted a special "undisclosed one-time event" in New York City recently, where his very loyal fashion fans gathered with anticipation, totally unsure of what to expect. I wish Alexander Wang do this kind of event here in the Philippines!!! gaaaaaaaah Alexander Wang pieces for FREE!!!!.The crowd waits patiently for what seems like quite a while before things get interesting. Really interestingUpon entering a warehouse, fans are treated to a video of Wang thanking his fans for their support. He then tells them that in a few minutes they'll have access to his T by Alexander Wang collection, completely on the house!!!. All the fans went crazy and physical as they enter a room full of Alexander Wang latest, classic, old collections.  


T by Alexander Wang collection for Free!!

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