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Dear God, please give me more money or take away my expensive taste.
-Carrie Bradshaw

I chose to be unique and quite weird in my fashion choices nowadays because I believe that fashion should be artistically weird and unique. As a personal style blogger it's my task to give my readers an inspiration or should I say an artistic approach in dressing for them to be inspired (or to hate me, not my intention though). A lot of readers of mine were asking "Why did you change your personal style from preppy and polished to something more avant-garde looking?" and I told them that "A lot" of people especially guys were doing the same thing, that kind of look (printed button down+skinny jeans+denim jacket/blazer+brogues) , as a fashion/personal style blogger you need something that will make your readers not forget you easily (something that will remember you/or make a mark on their minds) and If I keep on doing that "common" kind of look, I think I'm not being true to myself. It took me a lot of courage and time to switch into this avant-garde style, it's not just an overnight thought, this style should be 100% felt into an individual's heart. I know only few people can appreciate this kind of style (I believe that people who really knows what fashion is can appreciate this style) but I'm not begging to other people who are not fully aware in fashion for their appreciation, what I need is RESPECT, respect in my ART and respect in my passion


What I'm wearing:
Black ensemble from Japan
shorts from Adidas
black leggings from American Apparel  
Shoes from Nike
Polarized sunnies from Oakley

I love this black ensemble that my relatives from Japan bought for me.It's very versatile, you can wear it in different style/looks and I love the draping and fabric of this ensemble. ♥ 

Been addicted in polarized since last year. Who needs colorful accessories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bags etc. if you have an awesome polarized sunnies from Oakley. 

Trainers and sports shoes is IN! this season!!. I first saw Koreans and Japanese wore this type of shoes last year and they paired it with a formal look plus this shoes and at first I was like "WTF!! you look tacky!!" but that instantly changed when a lot of European fashion designers did that style on their fashion shows. So that only means na ang mga Koreans and Japanese ay Trend Setter! hahaha tuuuhraaaay!.

I'll be at SM NORTH EDSA later 4pm for a fashion show.
See y'all later guys!!!


  1. Do you feel comfortable wearing those pieces? I bet all eyes would be on you if you wear it outside. :)

  2. I know black is a color which is adaptable to any color combination. But wearing black outfit has an appropriate occasion on what and when to wear it. Am I not right?

  3. I love your photos! When it comes to fashion, black is one of the most beautiful colors :)

  4. Black is one of my favorite colors. It's simple and has a strong effect. I'm glad to see you're comfortable on that outfit. All black <3

  5. I am not really into black though this looks great and comfy I guess but this looks really not the contemporary outfit.

  6. Wow Michael your style is evolving for good! See you in a bit! ♥♥♥

  7. This is a really bold fashion statement but you could pull it off.

  8. You look great in that outfit. Black is wonderful!

  9. I love wearing blacks. Makes you look elegant and classy. :)

  10. ihonestly don't think i could sport an outfit like what you're wearing here mich, but your style is kewl and just app for the kind of climate we have here. and yeah, you should stick to what YOU really want instead of heeding what OTHERS want. ;)

  11. Love the shoes. Love the color! I want to buy one too haha.


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