My so-called Instalife

In Social Media, Every person's life is perfect. People show only the best part of their lives, while their worst are hidden from the world.

Decided to create a post where in you can see what I'm doing outside the social media/blogosphere. I entitled this post "My so-called Instalife" because I was inspired by the hit american tv series back in '95 "my so-called life" and the pictures in this post are all from my Instagram account. Hope you can follow me on Instagram @michaelmacalaos. Enjooooooy!!. 

1. Addicted to gladdiator sandals right now, pwede ko na siyang ipalit sa mga sneakers ko hahaha.
2. just saw a box full of baby mannequin's body parts.
3. Been dying to have this Givenchy pervert shirt since last year.
4. Did a hand painting illustration for our illustration subject. 
5. Saw this cool book "Fashion graphics" on SALE.
6. Designed my friend's outfit sa debut na ina-tendan niya.
7. So overwhelmed with the number of entries on my blog giveaway, sa ngayon nasa 13k or 14k na.
8. Love! love! Boris Bidjan Saberi SS14.
9. My ring accessory at that time, the claw like ring accessory.
10. Cool picture of Darth Vader, giving a nice hand gesture.
11. Bought this white unconventional leather bag.
12. Woke up feeling sick and tired.
13. My Darth Vader inspired look.
14. Love this quotation of Yohji Yamamoto



  1. Nice photos for your instalife. I saw most of them in your different blogpost.

  2. I so love your phtos. Will surely follow you in IG to be updated with you. :)

  3. cool ring accessory! Where did you buy that? :D

  4. Cool photos, I too go for gladiator sandals. comfy ang dating sa akin.

  5. cool photos. nakakatuwa din ung descriptions! :)
    do follow me on IG, once my phone is fixed, ill follow u :)
    its msairra_queenb :)

  6. Well. All I can say is that you live a very fashionable life.

  7. i see you as a trend setter, i also like color black for an outfit :)

  8. I love your photos on instagram! I wish my insta photos are as nice as yours. You're right, people only see the best but they don't know what we're going through.

  9. These series of photo reflects your life in various aspects, your favorite, your preferences, your ambitions so to speak.

  10. I haven't jumped on the instagram bandwagon yet. Maybe because I'd like to have a certain anonymity in the net.

  11. Cool photos! I'll follow you on IG.

  12. I really love Instagram, it allows me to capture the special moments in my life! Cool photos you have there.

  13. I love how you post on this blog. Cool and hippy! Keep it up! :)

  14. I am impressed with your dedication to fashion :) stay cool.


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