(playing stylist) B*tch please, I'm hot and I'm wearing designer clothes

Haha I know some of you are already raising their eyebrows after reading this blog post's title but before you judge and raise your eyebrows please do read the whole blog post. While reading the Man Repeller blog, I stumbled into a really funny post featuring pictures of celebrities chopped off heads and put it on to a different body dressed in a sublime look, that's the post where I got inspired in creating this. It was really funny!! well all of the post in that blog is pretty hilarious. 

I have always dreamed of wearing the designs and creations of the world's best and prolific fashion designers, daaaamn! if only I could afford them all swear! I'm not wearing a shirt and a shorts that I bought from cotton on while creating this blog post, I'll be in my Hermes couture ensemble!. I'm not gonna wait for a year or 10 years to make that dream of mine come true, I'm gonna make it happen right now!. Let's do it the Man Repeller way! hahahaha. As the red queen from the Alice and Wonderland said "Off with his head!!".

Purpose of this post is to make fun of myself! hahah, make you laugh people! because fashion doesn't have to be serious, to be really, really good. 

Michael Macalos in Neil Barrett. hahaha.

Me wearing Calvin Klein. I'm red carpet ready in this beautifully printed pants and tux. 

HAHA, my modelling days wearing an ensemble from Kenzo spring/summer 2014 collection


Me in Wood Wood spring/summer 2014 collection.

Love love this ensemble from Christopher Kane!!!! 

Me wearing Juun J. Flaunting my beautiful long legs. hahahahha 

another look wearing Juun J. of course!. 

Paint the town yellow!. Wearing this bright and vibrant ensemble from John Galliano's spring/summer 2014 collection.

After I flaunted my beautiful long legs in the last picture, I guess it's time to flaunt my six pack abs to the whole wide world!. I know people, I'm freaking sexyyy!!. Modelling days at Givenchy. hahaha. wearing Givenchy 2014 collection.

Me in Rick Owens!. Gaaaaah! don't you just envy me from having the sickest shoes in the whole universe? hahahahaha and my hair is so couture!!. 

Fringe!!! in Rick Owens!. I will not let my friends borrow this fringe ensemble from Rick Owens!. No waaaaay I'm gonna share :p hahahahahhahaha. 



  1. hehehe! mas maganda sana if u paste different facial expression of yourself (though models always wear the fierce)anyhoo! thats really a playful mind u had. ^^

  2. Hahahaha, I like what you did here! :)) Creative and witty XD

  3. so witty and creative micheal. panalo ka dun sa naka-white ka. hahahaha! ikaw na talaga!

  4. Love it, Michael! <3 Pinakafave ko yung may abs. :p

    Mish @ LBD and Onesies


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