Sean Suen fall/winter 2013 lookbook makes me wanna dance

I remember when I bought a black shirt from a thrift store last month (yes! I shop at thrift shops and I love it!) , it was a black jacket in velvet texture and it has this cute white floral details on the back (outfit post soon wearing that), without hesitation I bought that jacket and it only cost me around 100 pesos or 150 pesos I think?. I double checked the jacket if it has some damaged that needs stitching, luckily it doesn't have any damage and I read the label of the jacket "Sean Suen", at first I was like "hmmm, it sounds Chinese" obviously I don't know about the brand/designer and I thought it was from a black market in China. That thought changed when I got home and googled abou the brand, the brand Sean Suen is a famous Chinese label that designed contemporary clothes for men and their designs has been rocking both Milan and Paris fashion week. I was indeed lucky! to find a jacket that originally cost a thousand dollars, the many wonders of thrift shopping!. 

Moving on, Sean Suen rocked my world again (love their last season's collection, the leather shirt with cuts on the sides is genius), their fall/winter 2013 lookbook is beyond perfection. The fabric blocking is superb, I love the innovative cuts of each pieces, the texture and the materials looks awesome, from velvets and wools to metallics. Over all each piece is very visually eye catching. 



  1. I love the coats in this collection! fab

  2. omg you're a lucky guy Mike! This inspired me more to raid thrift stores! ♥


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