Blurred Lines

I feel like I'm a sexy grown up man every time I play the song "Blurred lines" by Mr. Robin Thicke. The beat and the lyrics of that song is oozing with seductiveness and the way how Thicke sing it. Daaaamn! I just want to wear my sexy tuxedo, drink champagne and party all night "the elegant and classy way not the YOLO kind of partying". This is my favorite part of the song, the pre-chorus. "Bluuuuuuured liiiines". 

                                                               Ok, now he was close
Tried to domesticate you
But you're an animal
Baby, it's in your nature
Just let me liberate you
You don't need no papers
That man is not your maker
And that's why I'm gon' take a 

What I'm wearing
Black draped shirt from Zara Men
Pants from Giordano
Floral blazer
shoes from Mario D' Boro 
dslr camera Canon

Just got home from a super fun shoot with my buddy Mike Miguel. We were talking about the clothes we bought last week and the items that we want to buy the next time we hangout. I love it how most of our conversations is all about clothes, cool stuff and the trends that are hot this season, we never get tired of talking about fashion and clothes and I don't know why, maybe because it's our passion and that's the only industry we want to be in. I can't imagine myself being a Doctor, Accountant, Flight Attendant or Lawyer. 

Been using this dslr camera for 1 and a half year now and I'm planning to buy an awesome lens. Any recommendations and tips on what lens should I buy and where can I buy a lens that is not that expensive. I think my job will be very easy if I have an awesome lens and my photography plates will be bad-ass!. Just comment below at the comment section guys! Thanks! :)

These photos reminds me of my Mr. and Ms. Intrams days back in high school. hahaha. You can boost a plain look by wearing a visually arresting blazer just like what I did on this look. I paired it with a beautifully designed floral blazer. Will be forever in love with prints. 


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  2. Blurred linessssss.

    Siguro kung striped b&w yung blazer mo, pwede na pang Robin Thicke, the same one he wore sa VMA prod nila Miley. woosh! :)

  3. You really are a sucker for clothes. Michael, perhaps some people will disagree with your fashion style but I find it cute. Iba ang dating. In between sa formal and casual.

  4. You certainly have the style of your own. It does fit perfectly with your blog name.

  5. love how you took this photos! very vintagey look for me and your camera looks stunning haha wil stand out from those who always have black one hehe love the outfit!

  6. Really love how you mix and match your clothes! True Blue Fashionista indeed :)

  7. humihiga at pumapouty lips ka na ngayon micheal ah. anyhow, nice blazer. arbor!

  8. The blazer looks cool and gives a nice contrast to your black overalls.

  9. Hey! Those Giordano pants fit you well. Black is a neutral color and those are a good investment piece.

  10. lens talk> have you tried looking at Kim Store? mura mga tinda nila :)

  11. Nice shots! I wish I also have a buddy with whom I can talk to about my passion. :)

    For gadget needs, I would also recommend Kimstore. They sell lenses at cheaper prices. :)

  12. love the blazer..very tricky to the eye - karenT

  13. i like the blazer. it really gave ur outfit an extra edge.

  14. You're title suits on your background photo. Kasi may mga lines talaga. Hehe :)

  15. Wow! the first time I saw the first photo, parang pang magazine lang. nice outfit and pics ;)


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