Design student for a day at iAcademy Accessory design workshop

photo from Kimnieves.com

yeah! that's me holding my paper couture headpiece!. 
This headpiece is for Gaga! hahaha

There's only one industry where I can see myself being and I couldn't imagine myself not being part of the outrageous and creative world of the fashion industry. Last Tuesday, I was invited by I-Academy to attend their accessory design workshop, I still pushed myself to attend this workshop even though the weather has been acting really sh*tty over the past few days. I wish I could be a fashion student or I wish I was enrolled in I-academy because this school really knows how to educate and train their students with both traditional and advance way of teaching and I interviewed one of the people of I-academy and she said that you can have a job even before you graduate "isn't that amazing?".

photo (c) Kimnieves.com


Together with my fellow bloggers, media people and some fashion design student of I-Academy, It was a day full of style and creativity at I-academy accessory design working and we really enjoyed every moment of it. FYI if you're a fan of watching Project Runway Philippines, this is the same work station where the contestants/designers work and sew their designs, that's why I can really feel a little bit of project runway vibe in this place. 

The speaker of this workshop is Mr. Manu Respall, the man who is never tired of creating visually arresting and flamboyant accessories. Personally, I love designers who are being true to their self and believing in their visions just like Mr. Manu Respall. He believes that there's no wrong or right in art and fashion. 

He's the kind of speaker who knows to add wit in every thing that comes in his mouth, making this workshop extra fun. I learned a lot of things from this guy especially in the accessory design industry. He said that "there's art in everything we do", "there's no such thing as "ugly art" and the classic form follows meaning. "There are no rules". 

which stands for
  • C - Character (what fits the personality of the client)
          • R - Reason (the occasion in which the client will be wearing it)
          • E - Element (symbolism)
          • A - Artistry (the craftsmanship)
          • T - Treatment (what the client will feel when he/she wears the item)
          • E - Ergonomics (how it works, mechanically speaking)

After the discussion, he gave us a challenged where we should create an accessory made from papers and with no glue, tape, scissors!. It was really tough challenge because I have a lot of awesome things in my mind and I quite had a hard time combining all these ideas.

serious mode! hahah

with Kim Nieves and Mr. Manu Respall "the accessory designer extraordinaire". 
Will definitely treasure everything I learned from this workshop. Thank you so much iAcademy for having us bloggers and making this event possible. ♥ 

 iACADEMY is one of the leading ICT and business schools, providing degree level programs. Living up to our mission of transforming students into future leaders, our graduates are competent individuals, sought after by local and international employers.

Their mission. iACADEMY (Information and Communications Technology Academy) is one of the top colleges in the Philippines with IT-based and industry-partnered education systems. We continually formulate relevant and innovative programs and services to ensure a more holistic development of students and to equip them with enough tools to become leaders in their chosen fields of expertise and significant contributors to society. We also recognize the importance of building lasting and rewarding alliances with leading industry players in providing a better life for our graduates.

To learn more about this school, go visit their fb page: click here
and visit their website at iacademy.edu.ph


  1. Yay! This is great opportunity! I really the dress! Dyan lumalabas how artistic you are! :)

  2. Haha how creative all of you designers are! :) I always see this iAcademy along Ayala in Makati and wondered how class sessions are being held. Thanks for sharing this, now I know. :)

  3. I envy you guys for being so creative like that. That is surely a talent. I couldn't relate about fashion though but I am so inspired with how you take your passion into the highest level possible. Keep learning, and who knows, someday, I will get you to design my clothes..hehee

  4. wow i would love to be in this workshop to just to expereince though i am not really a designer girl hehe not really creative at all with the laziness inside me. if ever i would love to attend a runway workshop which i am thinking in the future as a Bday gift for myself next year hehe

  5. Yay! It was really fun to be your classmate for a day! Haha! We have learned so much and I can't wait for our collab with Manu! :)

    P.S. Thanks for the feature! ♥

  6. I'm sure the day as a student will boost your outfit post in the future.

  7. Attending this kind of workshop is an opportunity that no one should miss! You can learn lots of things and realize that everything you do is a piece of art! :D

  8. It shows the workshop was a lot of fun!

  9. I'm sure you and Kim got a lot of kick from attending this session. Good for both of you.

  10. wow.. kayo na ni kim!!! wish I was also a student there.. haha!

  11. Nice activity! This is the kind of event I'll surely find time to attend to :)

  12. Living with someone who was a fashion design student in FIP in 2008 was something i have always treasure, knowing what he does and had to do to get where he is right now. And i must say, your one-day workshop with Manu Respall should already something you guys should treasure and remember too, especially blogging fashion. :)

  13. you guys are all creative! One field na I know I will not excel.

  14. This is the first time that I've heard of iAcademy. I'm sure you had fun. Sana may artistic side din ako so I can join this kind of event :)

  15. I'm dreaming to join or enroll on a program like this but I think I don't have the skill at all.


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