Fashion Blogging talk at Polytechnic University of the Philippines

I am personally amazed how a blog or being a blogger can change a life. One of the many reasons I created a blog is because I want to share and express myself through writing, exposing my everyday life to a lot of people and showcasing my talents and skills in fashion, photography and writing. I'm not being honest with you guys if I not say this, the major reason why I created a blog is "I want to be famous" buuuut! that thinking of mine changed when I realized that there is more to blogging than aspiring/dreaming to be famous. I know fashion bloggers nowadays created a blog because they want to be a brand ambassador of a certain clothing brand or they want to be famous or they want to have a lot of sponsors and a mecca of clothes from different clothing brands but seriously guys? what happened to the famous blogger quote "I blog to express not to impress"? there's more to blogging than that people. 


That is one of my topics in my fashion blogging talk at Polytechnic University of the Philippines held last Wednesday of August 28, 2013. One of the organizers/students of their 3-day seminar ELEVATE: GET READY TO TAKE THE LEAD "Mike Sherman" invited me to be one of their guest speakers, at first I was shocked and I don't know what to reply because seriously me? ..even though I know a lot about blogging and fashion, there's this part of me inside that is always holding me back saying "I CAN'T DO IT" and "you'll fail" but I did not let that thing take away this great opportunity, so without hesitation I said yes!. 

Me and Sef Tiburcio was invited to be their guest speakers in their fashion blogging part of their 3-day seminar "2nd day". The talk went really great!. I never thought that a lot of students will be attending the said seminar because I know not a lot of teenagers/students know what a fashion blogger do and how does the whole fashion blogging works, so I educate them all with all the knowledge I know in both fashion and blogging

Since these are students, I did not used any term that will make my talk boring instead I use simple yet interesting words and I interacted with them playfully "parang friends/tropa ko ang sila na humi-hingi ng advice ko" hahha I never feel superior or I'm above them. :)))

*stolen photos of me at its finest* hahahahah

Gulat and takot! hahaha ang daming taong pumunta. 

I'm very thankful that I have a friend (one of my closest friends in college) supported me and to cheer me up the whole talk and I appreciate the advice he gave me before the talk pero ito talaga yung tumatak sa isip ko haha "Just be yourself". 

medyo nahihiya pa ako ng moment na to! hahaha XD

tapos ayan! comfortable na ako sa dami ng audience at hindi na ako kinakabahan sa mga panahong ito. hahahaha. More more kwento about my career and achievements as a fashion blogger and as a 18 year old boy. Take note, the reason why I told to the attendees my achievements as a fashion blogger is I want them to be inspired with the whole fashion blogging thingy and thankfully that thing that I did works!!. Na inspire halos lahat ng audience. :))

I taught the whole audience how the whole fashion blogging thingy works and how can you earn money from it, how to build a successful fashion blog, tips on how to be a consistent blogger, marketing yourself and your blog, styling, power dressing, how to get sponsors and lastly how they can develop their personal style and apply it in their blog.  

The things that I taught are the things that I learned from reading a lot of tips and techniques here in the internet and also from the independent fashion bloggers website which I think helped me a lot in making my blog awesome!.

After my talk, there's a 15 minutes question and answer portion. 

haba pala ng baba ko no? hahahah. Mostly the attendees questions are, how can they be consistent in their blog, fashion questions, where are the coolest thrift shops here in the metro, dressing appropriately etc. Teamwork na kami ni Sef dito sa part na to! hahahaha. 

Rapper lang? hahahahahha

Yeay thank you so much guys for this!!! Thank you! Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Communications, Mike Sherman and the whole team for organizing a very successful seminar and also thank you to the students who attended this seminar, hope you apply the things that we taught in the near future. 

cute lang ni Sef dito! hahahaha lol.

with the whole team! ♥ ♥
Congrats guys! hope to see y'all very soon!!.
Stay awesome!.

(magkaibang picture po ito guys hahaha hindi parehas, spot the differences!) 

And lastly...I want to thank you all guys!! my loyal blog readers without you guys I will never achieved all these things!!!. In return, expect a lot of blog giveaways on the succeeding months!!. :))

Thank you Lord!! :)


  1. I'm sure you were able to inspire a lot of aspiring bloggers with your talk.

  2. That's great and I am sure you were able to enlighten the students into blogging and the importance of it. And yes, I believe in "I blog to express not to impress" and I hope a lot of bloggers think that way. Because there are some who don't anymore and is just out for being ambassador, perks and money. It's just disappointing.

    Anyway, great job on giving the talk! :D

  3. how good of you to change your purpose for yourself into every one else! for that! maybe you could be famous on that!

  4. So sure na all the attendees have learned lots on how to improved on their chosen craft. You too, is a great inspiration to newbies in blogging.

  5. Public speaking is always the hardest thing to do especially the first time and I mind you that everything is always the first time since you have different audience in front of you. But every experience pass will give you more confidence to do it more in your next speaking engagement.

  6. I wish I had your confidence when it comes to public speaking. I was invited to speak as well on how life changing it is to blog about my travels --- and it was a messy one! Then again, hopefully I inspired someone.

  7. It is nice to know that you were able to share about fashion blogging. You did a fantastic job!

  8. Wow! congrats! I'm sure a lot of students were inspired with blogging :) Ang cucute nyo sa photos! :D

  9. Nice proposal !!!!


  10. Amazing Michael! :) Great way to inspire others more. Congrats!


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