Hermès is my dad

"Dear God. Please give me more money or take away my expensive taste".

While walking down the street on my way home, I realized a lot of things. It was raining real' hard and I felt kinda' lonely walking alone on my way home. I imagined myself what will I be in the future?, when that day comes when I'm ready to separate with my parents and start my own life, before I used to tell to myself I'm ready to go on my own and live an independent life but that changed when my classmates/friends who are already living on their own told me that it's not fun living an independent life especially if you're just a teenager. I feel like I'm still not ready to separate with my mom and I'm still just a baby hiding in a big man's outfit.

If only God could give me a lot of money! Dayuum! I'll buy all the stuff at Hermes. I'll wear Hermes everyday, when I go to school, church, mall, grocery and palengke! hahaha.


What I'm wearing:

Baroque Button down from Zara
Draped pants from Spring
Unconventional suit from hypebeast
Orange portfolio bag from ALT Manila (Zalora)
Shoes from Rajo Laurel for Milanos
Ring from Tesseract Manila
Sunnies with gold details from SM Accessories

Today's look is inspired from one of my favorite french manufacturer of luxury quality goods in the whole universe "Hermès". HAHAH, only the orange portfolio bag made this whole look Hermes "ish". 

Being extra careful now and paying attention to the smallest details especially in dressing myself, before whenever I put/create an outfit I never pay attention to details and I don't know how to edit my look, so I'm really thankful to have friends who are always there and ready to give their honest criticisms on my outfit "what's wrong" and "what's right". That really helps! especially if you want to improve your style. 

This baroque print screams class and Hermes! hahah though I still wish it's from Hermes or from Versace. I paired my baroque button down with an unusual and amazingly beautiful suit from hypebeast. This suit is so awesome! I love the construction of it and the cut, the fit and the color suits me perfectly. 

Love my new portfolio orange clutch bag from Alt Manila. Alt Manila has a lot of affordable yet stylish bags, they also offer bags that can be carry/use by both men and women (unisex). Definitely I will buy another bag from that shop because the designs of their bags are really stylish and trendy. Girls and boys you must visit that shop now! click here.

Got this really awesome ring from Tesseract Manila!. I love Tesseract Manila and I can't wait for their next collection!. You can get this thunder bolt inspired ring at Tesseract Manila's online shop, click here. If you will buy an accessory, make sure to look for accessories that are unique, trendy and describes who you are. Don't buy accessories just because you saw your idol wearing it, buy an accessory that fits your personality and describes who you are.  



  1. Really amazing!


  2. The shirt and the bag are really awesome! And about living alone - I started living on my own since I was 18. It was super tough in the beginning but I am glad I did it now :)

  3. Only you could make that shirt look so fabulous.
    Excellent styling.

    Style Nirvana

  4. I agree about the honest criticism from friends. It makes us improve more! I really want to try Baroque designs yet I don't get a chance anyway I really like the ring and "hermes" clutch!

  5. Great outfit you've got here. I don't have that much branded clothes but I also dream of having some. Hermes is a really expensive brand but their products are worth every penny. I say work hard and save up for more Hermes! <3

    Pauchee C.

  6. I smiled at the quote. For me, it's not fashion but food that requires lessening in expensive taste. :) Not familiar with Hermes style but indeed this outfit looks classy.

  7. that ring is mischievous! I want to wear something as cool as that one. Tesseract Manila have lots of epic designs for rings.

  8. Your top is really stylish and matches the whole outfit.

  9. nice clutch and ring, you pulled out the outfit! hypes times 1000!

  10. You really are a sucker for Hermes. I know god will grant your request since you are a fashionista naman. I am a sucker naman for casual shoes and I find your shoes comfy.

  11. I like your top! Ang ganda naman ng ring mo :) Maganda siya tignan sa yo.

  12. Truly a stylish outfit in an uptrend fashion. You seem to look great with what just anything.

  13. Cool outfit! The top is very eye catching and I like it.Suits you! :)

  14. wow! your outfit is so expensive! brand who im drooling to have someday! i think i already saw this ring from metallica!

  15. Love the outfit. very classy. Natawa ako dun sa Hermes even in Palengke hahaha. Well, sometimes I feel that way too but mine is a bit different since I'm living independently for 3 years now. I want more money to save for my parents when they get old tho, and of course, to buy my very own Hermes Bag :P

  16. I super agree, the bag looks so Hermés! It's my dream of wearing Hermes too! Ipon ipon haha. =)


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