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I knew it! girls are fond of reading my blog! hehe even though most of the topics that I posted here are dedicated for my male readers, I always feel happy and kilig when I received a comment or an email from my female blog readers. I'm back doing this kind of post "I need help mail", helping my blog readers with their problems in fashion and grooming. Last Friday, I received an email from a reader who lives in New York "nuuks! international na! hahaha" and she's having a hard time choosing/picking what clothes to wear because she owns a lot (A LOT) of clothes and her wardrobe is really unorganized. I'll leave you with her concern.

Hi Michael, 

My name is Anya, 23 years old, a female reader from New York. With all the fashion blogs that I read everyday, your blog stands out! and one of my favorites. I love your consistency, your style and your passion in every blog post you wrote "I really admire bloggers like you". Since you're one of my favorite fashion bloggers, it will be really awesome if you could help me out with my clutter problems. I just want to ask if you can give me some tips on how to organize my closet because it's real' messy and unorganized and also how can I update my wardrobe without buying new things.

Thanks Michael! and I hope to see you in person. Please do come here in New York and let's have coffee in Birch Coffee at 5 East 27th St. 



Thanks Anya for your wonderful message, I never thought that I have a loyal blog reader living in one of my favorite cities "NYC". Before I start to give advice and tips I should admit first that I used to own a messy wardrobe too!, my mom hated me for almost a month because my closet is really messy and unorganized but with a lot of studying and watching the tv show clean house, I learned to keep my closet organize and easy to manage.

Editing and organizing your closet is not an easy job, it requires a lot of planning and man power especially if your closet is big as the Macy's store. I heard that Lauren Conrad (from the reality show the hills) hired a crew with 4 people just to organize her wardrobe and it took them for almost 3 days!! insaaaaane right?!. I wonder how big and messy her closet was. I'm no Lauren Conrad and I don't need to hire a crew just to organize my messy wardrobe, so it only took me 2-3 hours to keep my closet organize and clean. 

This is how I edit my wardrobe from time to time. First TAKE OUT every single thing in your closet and move it all to a corner of the room. Make sure you have a clear work space for a large duffel, two canvas totes and some trash bags (for charities). 

Second, try every single thing on! so that you can decide what to keep and what to give/throw away. Put the things you like to keep inside the tote and the things you don't want to wear because it's ripped or stained beyond repair, it goes in the trash bag (for charities). 

If you try on something that's ill-fitting but cool, put it in a first tote bag, which is destined for a visit to the tailor's. I'm very thankful that I have a tailor that knows my taste and my size, he's the one responsible for the pants and button down that needs an alteration.
  • If you try on something and it's not great on you but would be perfect on a friend, put it in the second tote bag. 
  • If you try on something and realize you haven't worn it in at least a year it's time to donate it, you need to put it in the trash bag which goes to charity, goodwill or the salvation army.
  • If you have a few items if clothing that are just way too small, I suggest you donate them. Don't wait for the time that these clothes will fit you. 

After you figure out the things that should stay, to donate and to throw, it's now time to organize. First clean the inside of the closet, probably dusk, dirt and cobwebs already accumulated inside your closet especially if you haven't clean your closet for 3 - 4 months. 

I prefer matching hangers so that it looks in order and uniform. I like huggable hanger, because they save space and they're flocked, which means pieces won't slip off and fall on the floor. Buy them in bulk and save some cash (for more clothes!). 

  •  When you put the chosen pieces back in the closet, group like with like: All dresses in the one section; long sleeve shirts, another; short skirts, another, and so on.
  • Hang the items/clothes you wear the most. If it's work shirts, those should be in the most accessible and most visible place. Things that you don't need that often like black tie dresses, gowns-should live in the back corners.
  • Arrange each section by colors.
  • Put some of the clothes in other parts of your closet. Don't hang them all!.
  • Consider installing a closet organizer to find more efficient way to store your remaining clothes.

After that process, I think it's now time to make your closet more visually appealing. Turn your creativity loose and think of ways to add pleasure to the routine of getting dressed and looking through your closet every day. If you spend more time making your closet look nice, then you will be less likely to let it get messy in the future.

  • Look for design inspirations here in the internet or from your favorite celeb's wardrobe. I prefer minimal and unconventional type of closet. 
  • You can add mirrors for sparkle.
  • You can add lights for that extra glam effect. 
  • Paint your closet depending on your mood or your favorite color. 

There you go, Anya! Hope these tips and advice helps you in organizing and editing your closet and thank you for supporting this blog of mine. I super appreciate it ♥. Keep in touch!.

If you have any concerns, fashion and style problems that needs an urgent solution. Email me at michaelmacalos@gmail.com. 

Thanks!! :D 

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  1. That picture of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" doesn't even BEGIN to explain what my closet looks like. My closet has INVADED my room. So the clothes-in-one-corner-and-duffel-bags idea won't work for me. :( HELP ME MICHAEL!!!!! Lol. ...pero seryoso :(


    1. Yes! hahaha I'm willing to help and raid your closet Angel!!! ♥ hahaha

  2. I agree with some of your tips. I recently fixed and organized my wardrobe. With matchy hangers, colors, Sweaters... Things like that. I hope someday I'm going to have my walk in closet, just the small that would fit my clothes, bags and of course my heels and wedges! By the way, following you now too! :)



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