My so-called Instalife n°2

Photos! photos! photos! I just can't get enough of taking amazing photos using my camera and my tablet's camera. Last week is very tiring and I was very drained out, I remember I was walking in our school's hallway like a zombie plus the tired and exhausted eyes because I only slept for 2 hours (happens everyday). I can't wait for our term break. Here's another round up of my life outside the blogosphere, these are photos taken from my tablet. Hope you like it! and oh, don't forget to follow me on Instagram @michaelmacalos .


1. A reader from Japan gave me this very thick and dope sunnies.
2. Decided to buy this book because I want to learn how to design shoes and the process of making it.
3. It's a bright and sunny day. I've decided to walk around the park carrying this beautiful orange clutch bag from Zalora Philippines plus hang ten sunnies.
4.Store visit at Tinos suit and barongs.
5. Wore a sunnies because my eyes are so unattractive at that moment. 
6. One of my closest friends in college supported me in fashion blogging talk at P.U.P Manila.
7. Party with my friends #ADHOC
8. Willy Verginer awesome art exhibit.
9. Lucas Raven for Tino suit and barongs. 
10. Love love bones. Tesseract Manila
11. A box full of awesome stuff from Zalora Philippines arrived!
12. Little brother tore my fashion magazines for his school project. 
13. I have a new camera bag and a bag hahaha
14. Feeling like awesome and a boss after all the stressful days. 


  1. I think sometimes it is just wise to reward yourself with the hard earned bucks, anyhow that's yours to burn. You have cool stuff in there.

  2. I think the Instax Fujifilm would suit you if you're fond of taking vintage-style photos instantly. :)

  3. You are really a style icon. Another nice instalife collection.

  4. I love seeing compilations of Instagram photos. It's because of the subject or sometimes because of the effects :) Talagang instalife! Capturing the best moments in our lives.

  5. I really like your photo on that chair, boss na boss!

  6. the last photo.. lakas maka ceo!! haha!!

  7. great pics! honestly! actually i really appreciate what instagram can do. it can make pics so dramatic or so vintag-y... Kudos!

  8. Aw pogi pati na rin mga friends mo. Pakilala mo nga ko hehe. LOL! :P

    Good look as always. <3

  9. You have a unique style which is your own. Good thing about it is that you're not afraid to show it.

  10. wow! dude oks ang last photo mo. Cool na cool ang dating. Show more of your self through photos.

  11. All these things serve as your constant mementos of your well-being. They are so far so good.

  12. Loving your photos. By the way, what model is that red slr you have? I love color, mostly kasi black.


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