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"We're fashion bloggers not journalists or reporters".

photos by: Juan Lorenzo Abiba of JUANSHOT .


If you'll ask me what are the things that fashion/style blogging has taught me over the past few years, probably it's the ability to adopt to new fashion trends quickly. As a fashion/style blogger, one of our many duties is to give or inform people on how to rock different kinds of style and trends, WE NEED TO INSPIRE THEM! not to BORE THEM! with our fashion choices. We have to make our blog readers both love and hate us for what we're doing (wearing), you have to be EXPERIMENTAL, always take RISKS!, SHOCK, SCARE and EXCITE them! always. Life is too short to wear boring clothes, so to my fellow fashion and personal style bloggers, It's time to step it up!, let's start wearing clothes that are unique because now is the time to express who we really are and just enjoy dressing up. Personally, I HATE bloggers who wear BOOOOOOOORING and Tacky clothes. 

What I'm wearing:
Black suit from Hypebeast
Long black shirt/man dress from Japan
Trousers Markus
black leather shoes

This whole post was inspired by Duckie Brown's spring 2014 menswear collection at NEW YORK FASHION WEEK. I love how the oversize shirts and the idea of putting masculine male models into this long flowy man dresses. Wearing a dress don't lose any of their masculinity.

It takes a lot of guts and bravery pulling off this outfit especially if the people around you is not aware with fashion trends and if they're not used to seeing you in a black man dress. People were staring and shocked with what my friend and I are wearing (base sa mga nakita kong expressions ng mga tao habang naglalakad kami haha) and this is also the day where a streetstyle of a famous magazine spotted us and took a picture of me and my friend separately, he said those photos will be publish on their online magazine and their Magazine! gaaaaaaaaaah caaaan't wait!! :D.   

I feel holy, immaculate and Pietistic Homme in this outfit.

Now before I end this post, I know y'all probably wondering what's with the quote above this post, well before I became a blogger I was once a reader, I used to read a lot of international fashion blogs up until now. After reading a post from Man Reppeller,  I've noticed and realized that fashion bloggers nowadays have become online journalists and reporters "a lof of filter and fabrication on every post" unlike before bloggers are very true on what they're saying and they're giving their honest and no filter opinions especially if they're reviewing a brand and if they didn't like what the clothing brand gave them. naaaaaah not a chance! that brand will be featured on their website. I kinda' miss those kind of fashion bloggers, only few local bloggers are doing that kind/way of blogging. 

With the massive growth of the population of fashion bloggers here in my country, the competition has become very stiff and the only way to beat the others is to be CONSISTENT which is hard to do if you're a student or you have a job. I received a lot of emails from young people who are dreaming to be a successful fashion blogger someday or be a brand ambassador of a particular clothing brand and I bet! most of the newbie bloggers are dreaming to be a brand ambassador (haha napagdaanan ko na yan, at ganun din ako dati) and I always tell them, you want to be a blogger not because of the free stuff you'll get or to be famous or a rockstar, if these are the reasons why you want to be a blogger well probably you'll not succeed as a blogger. 

I know building a strong relationship with brands is very important especially if you're a fashion blogger but puhleaaaaaaase! be honest and blog/write what you really feel about the brand and stop being scared if the brand might dumped you with another blogger, the important thing is you're being true and honest with yourself (remember the ten commandments). 


  1. hangtaray ng outfitey! labet! And I agree with what you said. Medyo mahaba habang usapan yan, hehe :))

  2. Couldn't agree more! Blogging is a passion, not a business! Awesome to see you at the Trilogy event Mike! =)

  3. yun mismong first picture pa lang, wow na talaga. makapag-try nga ng ganitong look! nice one micheal! keep it up! :)

  4. so fierce! I love ti!

    xx Krisella

  5. The black suit is nice. You can wear it over any clothing and look amazingly decent instantly. It's especially wearable in this rainy season. I myself have one that's similar, only the color is dark blue. :)

  6. Wait! This is the first time I saw you with beard. You look so matured not anymore a boy next door look...hmmmm..looks good.

  7. I wear boring clothes for an ordinary. Hmmm... So you hate me? But when there's occasion I make it sure I'll stand out with others. Hehe.

  8. black is the name. Very emphatic ang dating mo wearing black tops. The shoes, type ko.

  9. Another bold look from you. You look great.

  10. I agree but for me brands are not that important hehe Usually I wear brandless clothes from sponsored shops. But ofcourse if you're wearing branded clothes whether it's famous or not we have to be honest if it's really that comfortable! Anyway, nice look. Not the usual one!

  11. It is really important that we tell our readers what we "really experienced" or felt when reviewing certain brands/products. I see some bloggers who always, as in always, write positive reviews only which makes me less believe them. haha. Keep it up! :)

  12. I should say you really like black. It suits you well. You're outfit here is comparable to the ones worn by ramp models. Love the photos :)

  13. well said Michael :)

    tama nga, blogging is not all about free stuff :)

  14. Naks! So true.. Well said. :)

    Naks ang lakas ng dating ha! hehehe


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