Preview of JanSport x Benny Gold 2013 holiday collection

I'm not a fan of using JanSport backpack/bags because I find it too common and simple, been seeing a lot of students carrying a backpack from JanSport (the classic Jansport backpack). Even though Jansport has a lot of cool designs now (colors, different textures and print), I'm still not a fan and I can never see myself carrying the classic JanSport backpack. 

Thank God! JanSport has again decided to team up with San Francisco graphic designer turned streetwear visionary Benny Gold, one good reason why I should eat the words I said in the last paragraph. The JanSport x Benny Gold Holiday 2013 collection consists of backpacks and a laptop sleeve all of which are inspired by Native American art. There are three pack styles dubbed “Guerrero,” “Duboce” and “Right Pack” and an additional 15″ Laptop Sleeve all of which combine Benny Gold’s distinctive aesthetic and JanSport’s quality construction. Each product features the same eye-catching print strategically placed on different sections of the pack, which is distinct to each style.

The collection will be available through select retailers and Benny Gold stockists from November.

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