Street style Madness #Details

Hashtag Details. If you've been following me on Instagram since the day I created it, you will notice that I love to post pictures of the details of my outfits or the details of what I'm wearing in that particular day. It's just my way of showcasing and giving gratitude to the designer's hard works on creating that small intricate details and I applied that whenever I'm covering fashion shows, details first before the head to toe shot.

Looking through street style photos is a great way of discovering new trends and how to wear a piece of clothing in an unimaginable way. After Milan, Paris, London, New York fashion weeks, I instantly visit my favorite street style photographers website to check out their works and be inspired on what the attendees are wearing, not to let our self down personally I think the attendees there dressed a lot better than us in attending fashion shows. Everyone seems to look like an editor of a top magazine unlike here, I noticed that most of the attendees wore hideous and tacky outfits and only few people looked fine and well styled. I'm not saying that I have a great style or I don't need any fashion fix, in fact we all do need to learn and master what style fits and complements ourself.

photos: Tommy Ton of Style.com. 


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  1. These photos are amazing! Thank you for sharing :D I love that heart patterned clutch


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