The new Skullcandy Crusher "Bass you can feel"

I said this before and I'll say it again "I love Skullcandy products", I think this is the only brand that knows how to combine both music and style. With their very modern and artistic designs, Skullcandy really understands the youth generation. 

I was invited last Saturday for the press launch of Skullcandy's newest offering to the Philippine market, the Skullcandy Crusher. Rains International Corporation excitedly launches the newest and coolest headphones model from Skullcandy at DC Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

Crusher is the newest addition to Skullcandy's coolest designed supreme sound headphones. This model was developed to bring bass technology to headphones through Sensation55 bass driver enabling this model to deliver a powerful and realistic bass experience.

This over the ear headphone comes in three plastic contour colors-red, white and black. Like the other SC supreme sound headpones, the ear cups and underside of the headband are well padded. It is very easy to carry because it can be folded down to its nylon drawstring pouch. A detachable cable serves as a remote control and microphone for mobile devices. It is also stashable, easy to fold down to its nylon drawstring pouch.



 is their patent-pending bass extension driver. Through this driver, the Crusher delivers a powerful and realistic bass experience that transforms your audio into bass you can feel.

Rex40™ Driver 
Their custom-tuned EX40™ driver is the keystone of Supreme Sound. The REX40™ is designed from the ground up by our world-class audio engineering team and delivers an extremely smooth frequency response with minimal distortion - tuned for your playlist. 

Buil-in amplifier
No more bulky in-lnie amplifier. The new Crusher draws its power from a premium battery (AA) powered amp hidden in the ear cup.

Adjustable Bass control
The bass sensation slider on the left ear cup allows you to adjust the sensation levels to your preference or playlist. If you prefer, turn the vibes off completely. You'll still enjoy the REX40™ driver's premium acoustics, minus the powered bass boost. 

Auto-On/Off Smart Circuit
No power switch needed. When your music stops or the headphone is unplugged from a source during play, the amp will power within 10 seconds. Once the music source is restored, the amp will automatically power up and start bumping.

Ergonomic Design
Their expansive team of engineers used standardized anthropometric data to develop the Crusher's flexibility and clamping pressure. Crusher incorporates dual ear cup articulation and a precise selection of materials to deliver long-lasting comfort without affecting sound quality. 

Crusher uses carefully selected materials both internally and externally that they've been tested rigorously to ensure a long-lasting product. Because they optimize the amount of material they use, they are able to create a durable product that is still very lightweight. 

Soft Touch leather Pillows


Detachable cable

In-line Mic1 Remote.

Rains International Corporation together with venue partner DC introduces Crusher headphone that deliver high-definition supreme sound giving the bass you can feel to the Philippine market, conducting an on-site testing of the unit for media and the general public to tr, feel it and believe it and to review this new additon to Skullcandy's coolest designed headphones.

Get this Skullcandy Crusher headphones for only Php. 5,500.00 and it's available in all DC stores nationwide.

To learn more about Skullcandy and their latest offerings, go check out their Facebook fanpage
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  1. I wanna meet the pretty lady in the 2nd picture.. hehe!

    send my regards to her. :D

  2. I always want to buy skullcandy for my ipod, still saving for it. I love the designs of this brands too. Btw, that's my girl crush on the second photo hihihi.

  3. I think this one is the trending gadgets for this year. Lots of people are buying this especially the music inclined person.

  4. My sister has been buzzing about this in our mom's ear for days now and finally on Sunday, she's buying a black Crusher. DAMN! hahaha

  5. Wooow! Yours is such a very informative one! Thanks for taking me to the event! See you again! =)

  6. I wanted to have this kind of headphone. It's a bit pricey but its one cool gadget!


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