A shop that offers European vintage jewelries "Finders Keepers" plus Highlights of my day at N.E.W fashion and beauty fair

Funny how the song Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani accidentally played while I'm writing this post. Yeah, I guess Gwen was right, if I was a Rich Girl boy, I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy boy, I can buy all the things I want and experience all the best that life has to offer if I have a lot of money. Moving on, Last weekend I was at Rockwell Tent to support "The N.E.W fashion and beauty fair" where a lot of brands and local fashion designers sell their stuff in a lower price plus I got to meet the booth owners and had a really nice conversation with them about the stuff they are selling and their brand "a great time to socialize and build connections".

The huge discounts and the food stands are the reasons why I love bazaars and shopping fairs, the privilege to shop and eat at the same time hahaha. While walking around the fair, I saw this booth/shop that sells really unique and worthy accessories for both men and women. I thought this was just your ordinary accessory shop where the accessories usually cost from 30 pesos up to 500 pesos, but no! there are no 30 or even 500 pesos accessory in this booth. The owner told me that these pieces are from different European countries like Paris, Italy, Norway, Spain etc., these accessories are from the world's best accessory designer, they are all vintage and every piece has a meaning or should I say value in it.

These vintage watches from Paris are really nice and not so affordable hahaha but it's worth it.

The owner of this shop "Finders Keepers" Ms. Wivina Teodoro. She is such a nice person and I super adore her!, I felt like I already travelled the world while talking to her. In my mind while talking to her "please hire me as your personal assistant! I want to travel the world too!! hahaha", thank God didn't said that personally because it will make the whole conversation a little awkwaaard.


The owner said this accessory is perfect for my strong personality, I think the reason she said that because I was wearing an all black ensemble at that time. Please Ms. Wivina, give this necklace to me! hahah I want this sooo badly! :)).

This charm bracelet is to die for! and also the price hahaa Php. 220,000. This charm bracelet consist of the worlds different historical meaning.

The intricate detailing of this necklace is amazing and the craftsmanship is superb.

Painted necklace, the owner said there was this great accessory designer before Chanel. So it means this necklace has been around for ages!. 

Another Vintage watch from Paris.

Japanese Geisha ♥ 

This is one of the pieces in her shop that I want to own and probably I will cherish it for the rest of my life. This bracelet from Egypt cost Php. 45, 000. There's this aura/vibe that me and this bracelet connect in many ways, it feels like I'm born to own this haha kinda' weird.

This is quite scary, really small notebook from Paris. The picture on the cover is pretty scary, I asked the owner who's in the picture? and she don't know but one thing she knows that this little notebook was used by girls back in the day for their customers "I think there is prostitution involve". 


Avant-garde necklace from a Norwegian accessory designer. ♥ ♥

vintage rings from Paris, Italy, Portugal and Spain.


Visit finderskeepersphil.com to learn more about this store or contact the owner itself if you have any questions or if you want to own one of their accessories at wivinateodoro@hotmail.com.

This is probably the highlight of my day at the N.E.W fashion and beauty fair. Aside from the awesome booths that this fair have, they are also offering fashion and beauty tips for the shoppers and also a fashion show! featuring the works of some of our favorite Filipino fashion designers. 

A fair that caters all your beauty and fashion needs! 

Fashion 101 talk with Metro Magazine feature editor Geolette Esguerra, Internal fashion photographer Nicolo Cosme and FAB fashion stylist Sonia Agbayani.

Beauty talk with Miriam Quiambao, Kat Angco, Patricia Bermudez Hizon, Carla Cruz and the host Marybeth Nave

Ms. Czari Pizzaro talks about how to apply makeup for a night out!

Fashion talk with designers, John Herrera, Paul Hererra and Kim Gan.

So, catch this fashion and beauty fair again this coming weekends October 19 and 20. Enjoy huge discounts from major brands and make-overs from Franck Provost, Fabio Salsa, Status Style Salon, and Make-up Designory. Fashion Shows from Fashion Designers and Forums from Image and Beauty Experts. For details check out their fan page at www.facebook.com/networkforenterprisingwomen. See you there!. 

Thank you so much Ms. Ailene Co for having me in this fashion and beauty fair! Congratulations!. 



  1. the accessories are too lovely! this would make many girls fall in love!

  2. The jewelries look really intricately done and very classy.

  3. As much as I modern stuff, I also like vintage though I am no collector. I just fancy looking at them! :)

  4. Ohhh, failed to see this last weekend, but I'll surely be attending N.E.W. tomorrow! See you :P

  5. wow!! their stuffs are really awesome!! just gotta love that vintage vibe!

  6. I love vintage accessories! You're so lucky to be on fashion and beauty fair.


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