(blogger confessions) Fashion blogging turned me into a shopping addict and I hate it.

FYI, only my closest friends know that I have this addiction because I'm not very vocal (proud) of it.

Same expression on the gif above (yeah, that's Kim Kardashian) every time I enter a shop to buy clothes. I rush immediately into the new arrivals section and clothes that are on sale "daaamn! those red signs!! I think they are not really intended for you to save money, they are temptations and traps for you to horde". Even when you are saving, you are still spending. 

As a personal style blogger, you always have this feeling of battling with contentment. You'll always feel unsatisfied or uncontented with your wardrobe because you already posted all the clothes/outfits in your blog, so you will buy new stuff again and feel satisfied for awhile then feel unsatisfied, buy new stuff again, unsatisfied, buy new stuff again (it's like you're always hungry for clothes).

We all have addictions and a lot of us which I believed are pretty guilty about it and finding ways/trying their best to cure it but in my case, I don't think I can find any ways to cure this addiction of mine because this addiction is part of my career as a fashion and personal style blogger. I would like to say that if I wasn't a fashion blogger, I would shop a lot less and save a ton of money or maybe I have a relationship right now if I wasn't a fashion blogger "I couldn't afford to have a romantic relationship right now because all my money/savings are all going/spent in clothes and food (mostly clothes) and also I already set my priorities, studies and fashion blogging".

 Aside from the free stuff I got I also received a ton of emails from brands and online shops offering me discounts in order to shop their collection or latest offerings, which is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because I got the privilege to get brands and designer's latest offerings in a lower price (not that low enough) and It's a CURSE! because you'll end up buying stuff that you DON'T REALLY NEED. 

Every time I have an event to attend, whether it's a brand or product launch, fashion shows or just a simple store visiting, I couldn't help myself to buy new clothes because I need to be presentable and maintain the brand I'm portraying.

I know a blogger who went into fashion blogging with a lot of debt and racked up a bit more during her first few years, It is not a good way to start your career as a fashion blogger. I'm very thankful that I'm still living with my parents and they always supports me in everything I do and give me the things that I want and need and I'm afraid to separate with them and start my own life not curing this addiction.

Blogging has made me a bonafide shopaholic.Before I started blogging, I had fewer clothes, knew exactly what i wanted to wear..But after I started blogging, I have a fuller wardrobe(which makes me happy) and as of now I think I need a new big closet!. 

I've had enough, I want to cure it now!. So I browse the world wide web and look for solutions and try to apply it. I even created a spending board, how much money I've spent in a particular day and write it on my spending board, which helps me to track how many money I've spent from that day and my unnecessary purchases. Sometimes, listening to your conscience and making that call for an outside opinion in buying stuff really helps you from purchasing unnecessary items. 

So to my fellow (fashion) bloggers, Does blogging make you also a shopping addict?. I want to hear your story! just comment below. :))) 


  1. Dear... I will email you about this when I get home.


  2. I wish I have budget so I can also do shopping like you - Carl of 100 spa

  3. Waaaahhhh I also hope I have the budget to buy new clothes coz now, kulang naman ako sa clothes. Also, nauubusan ako na masusuot. I have a feeling when I start buying more clothes, I'll be addicted to. But at least you are aware of your addiction and you address it. Good luck :D

  4. I also have the tendency to shop especially when there are new running or basketball shoes so I try to stay away from the mall.

  5. Hehe I look up to online shops only to see the trends nowadays but I don't usually buy from them because I'm so picky -- even in physical shops.

  6. ahahha. that is so true. sometimes bec you get the hype at blogging your next ootd, you end up shopping like everyday it's xmas! as for me, i experieence that with lipstick. i just cannot say no to them. so i just avoid.yay! i have too many i can open a mac store.hahha

  7. I'm glad that I've already gone past this stage in my life. I was once a shopaholic too. But when I started earning my own money, I started being more thrifty. But I do shop, occasionally. :)

  8. nothing bad in a shopping addict. But be sure lang that you always have extra bucks for emergency needs. Tapos na ako sa stage na yan.

  9. Hi Mike! I can relate to that! As a fashion blogger, I also get tempted to splurge on fashion stuff. But I always try to discipline myself, that's why I always go for alternatives like thrifts and DIYs. For me, it's much better to invest money in something profitable that in clothes that we, as fashion bloggers, will only use once.

  10. Same as a beauty blogger. We buy tons of lipsticks and make up and where not using them everyday. it is a wasted of money. That;s why I only blog the things that I only have.

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