Bravado - confident or brave talk  or behavior that is intended to impress other people

 Semestral break is fast approaching! yeay!, I can now sleep up to 8 hours and be active again in the whole blogosphere and in attending events. I'm really sorry to all the pr company and to the brands that want me to be in their product launch or events, I have to say no to all your invites because it conflicts with my schedule and I have to prioritize school first, promise this sembreak I will try my best to be in your events :) .

The first time I heard of the word Bravado is from a 16 year old singer, who is already making noise in the music industry, her name is Lorde. I love music artists who are unique, weird and has a beautiful otherworldy voice. Been listening to her songs these past few days and Bravado is definitely my favorite. 


 Zipper jacket from Markus/ black man dress from Muse/ knee length shorts from Izzue/shoes custom made

Another look inspired from Duckie Brown's latest collection. The knee length shorts combined with a man dress plus semi-structured jacket is Duckie Brown's key pieces for his latest collection and that inspired me from creating this look. 

Wore this outfit at the iAcademy accessory design workshop. The guest speaker love my overall look and he super like this jacket of mine with zipper details on it "made me smile, when he complimented my look hihi".  

Receiving all these nice complements and positive criticisms is the reason makes me going and feeling great with what I'm doing but there are those times when a person or a friend of yours will point out the things that are wrong, even though you try your hardest not to be down or be affected with the negative comment, you just couldn't take it and suddenly break into pieces "one of my weakness" and I remembered what the guest speaker of the workshop told us that "there is no WRONG in art and fashion, for me your shirt looks horrible but to other people, they may think your shirt or what you're wearing is awesome, see a perfect example that there is no WRONG or RIGHT especially in fashion".

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