Collage time at COMME des Garcons

A collection of COMME des GARCONS that for sure many DIY artists/lovers will love and to the guys who always loves to push the way they dress to the next level. With a design aesthetic built of contrasting panels and a collage-like composition, COMME des GARCONS SHIRT‘s 2014 spring/summer collection offers up an artistically avant-garde yet cohesive series of menswear apparel. The collection introduces over sized shirt pockets, vibrant shoulder pom-pom embellishments and slight fringe detailing.

Deeymnnn! I knew my friend/classmate was a trend setter! hahaha because I remembered he DIY (ed) his button down shirt designed with different textures and cuts of fabrics sewn on it, just like these shirts from Comme des Garcons 2014 collection. My reaction the first time I saw my friend wearing his do-it-yourself collage designed shirt was "seriously that shirt?! hahaha, it looks very D.I.Y" and now the shirt that my classmate created and I laughed and hated for a day might be one of the biggest trends to hit next season "it's pretty insaaaaaane right?!"

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  1. Handsome man wear these shirt is really a scenery.


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