Oversizing is the key

"I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful".

These past few days, I've been bombarded and busy with backlogs and events especially fashion week. Store opening there, brand launch here, fashion show there and so on and so forth, I am not complaining  because I chose this path to be in this scene. I'm making all my teenage dreams come true one blog post at a time "Teenagers! reprezent!" fyi if you're curious about my age, I'm just 18 years old.


Attended Philippine fashion week wearing an all black ensemble paired with a head turning snake inspired necklace made by Manu Respall of DoggFicher. Manu Respall is the one who's in charged of the crazy and extravagant accessories of Tessa Prieto Valdez and he was featured in Vogue ITALIA!. 

spotted by fashion photographer Bjorn Bedayo at Philippine Fashion Week ss 14 and I was featured at SM-YOUTH page. :))

and Look! Status Magazine featured my accessory on their website/page.  
Thank you so much Status Magazine for this!. 

Watching designers shows this season at Philippine fashion week bores me to death!, well some designers successfully presented a very cohesive collection and interesting designs for this season but some designers.. uhmm....let's just say lacked inspirations and forgot to edit. It's the same OLD Sh*t!, same silhouette, same fabric treatment, same designs, many international designers done that way way back, lack tastes and nothing new. I'm not hating, I'm just expressing what I felt while watching horrible designs strut down the runway.

Moving on, I wore this black over-sized shirt that gives a ninja "ish" effect to the whole look from IZZUE. I learned that if you're going to do this kind of style, remember that you should look expensive and high fashion! because I noticed that some guys who are doing this style looks very ghetto and I believe that you don't want to go in that direction *wink*. 

Oversized shirt from IZZUE.

Snake inspired necklace from DoggFicher. 

Job well done! Manu Respall for coming up with a super elegant and eye catching accessory, the moment you gave this to me I felt that I'm born to wear this. Thank you Manu! and I can't wait to wear all your  exceptional creations again.

Black Pants from Viktor and Rolf
Probably one of the most comfortable pants that I own plus I love Viktor and Rolf menswear collections.


shoes custom made


  1. I think you're the only one who can pull off that snake inspired necklace! :D

  2. " I learned that if you're going to do this kind of style, remember that you should look expensive and high fashion! " - somehow I agree to this. And you did it really well. Looks really really good on you and fashionable sya. I love the necklace too, it's so unique. :D

    1. yeah! coz one of the common mistakes of guys, they tend to look emo or rocker than looking high fashion. :))

  3. Another black outfit. :) Yeah, you do look like a ninja here. Oversized shirts are not for everyone though.

    1. I agree, oversized shirts are not everyone. :))

  4. Oversize shirts are easier too carry but it you're not lean it can make you look smaller.

  5. black is always classy even when worn amongst men. :) i think the contemporary boy: all black out is also a good title. hihi.keep up! im so happy for you knowing that you're just 18.

  6. I like oversize shirts. Accessories nowadays are getting weird by the day.

  7. Over sized outfits suits lean and tall guys. The problem with this type of outfit is that you'll in big trouble kapag mainit ang weather.

  8. Cool necklace! :)


  9. Oversize dress is so comfortable to wear. Mostly I wear oversize tops when I'm just home.

  10. I love oversized tops. It just feels so comfy in it. It's nice to see you can pull off a lot of outfits like this. :)

  11. Nice to see this and see you on June 18!


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