Playing God

Does what I'm wearing seem to shock you?
Well that's okay
'Cause what I'm thinking about you
is not okay..
-The Pretty Reckless

When will people get that I'm trying to add an artistic approach to fashion here by means of dressing up and I'm trying my hardest not to be everybody else. The reason why I'm not being consistent these past few weeks is because of the criticisms and judgments I got from some of you guys, those somehow hurtful words from normal people who don't know anything about fashion and art made me think "should I continue doing this style? or just keep on going?" but not just people who don't know anything in fashion is the reason, it's also the people who are close to my heart that made me doubt myself and my style taste because of their criticisms. I just want to say "Seriously? you guys didn't gave me a chance to prove myself that I can pull off this style".


This paragraph is dedicated to a friend of mine. I know it's not LOVE! giving all these criticisms, one criticism is enough! I realized it, I learned.. but with every time we chat, talk you always get your way of adding my personal style in our conversation. You always point out what's wrong in my outfit, you always put negative thoughts in my style even though I don't see any wrong with it and even my bestfriends think I look great, you're the only one who always try to put clouds in my sunny day and doubt my taste level and lastly since the day I started wearing minimal pieces, you started throwing all these criticisms and judgements to me in every outfit I post. These are the reasons why I'm not replying with your messages, calls and chat messages, I don't want to ruin our friendship but I don't want to stick with people who always criticize me in every move I make, so the best thing to do is..starting today I will never stick with one style, and I remembered what Angeline Rodriguez told me the first time I started wearing minimal pieces that "I'm chameleon and own it", I will never wear BLACK all the time, if that's only the way of pleasing you. I'm not mad at you, I just need to take a rest with your criticisms and judgments about my looks. You can have the minimalist lifestyle mister. Thank you.

I will not anymore name who's who..

I'm just tired and I think I need to rest for a few days and reinvent myself again, clear my mind and come back fresh and post inspiring posts here in my website but for now this blog will be updated with events that I attended, fashion tips and style.

Hey wait, this can be a costume this coming Halloween hehe, just wear a black wig and wear a wrap around headband around it, instant Holy look. 

"Free as my Hair"


  1. "cause you're a god and i am not and i just thought i'd let you know." your blog title made me remember this fav song of mine!
    are u kdding me> i like your style! i was supposed to just share this but here i am commenting! iif i can borrow that wig id pull off that look and take a photo with u. hehhe. this reminds me of that kinda-popular road manager i know, red slim velez, all his shots have his hair covering his face. (though he is not into fashion; he is a guy from the underground music community) which i am into as well. don't mind what others tell u, the more they hate u, the better, because it means u'r doing great! :')


  2. Style is the result of what radiates from your mind and heart that defines the person that you are. Criticisms are always there and always will be, its either you heed to their advise or continue to create your own style to satisfy you and not others. If what you want is to please others as well, then sometimes you would have to edit what you have in mind in order to be appreciated by your beholders. But then always remember it is YOUR STYLE, the power to change it, to be dictated, to be firm on your belief, to submit to the trend, to be unique or to be common are all in your hands.. :)

  3. I love the concept of the photos above. But what captured my attention was your second paragraph.. And oh, yes maybe its the right time to reinvent!

  4. When I am referring to a music, I may call this as an "off beat" for it depicts the unusual idea of fashion. Playing God is incongruous and others may misconstrue it as blasphemous. But for me, I do respect you on how you project yourself in a style you prefer.

  5. Just take those negative criticism as a motivating factor to improve more your craft. I find though your fashion style weird but acceptable.

  6. I think you have this signature on your looks that makes it you and it's the boldness on how you carry your outfit.

  7. Unfortunately, there will always be people who will see something wrong in our fashion style. Just find your style and accept criticisms and praises as they are.

  8. i guess your style, is your style... if it makes you happy then go for it, as long as nobody gets hurt, ok... lol. Yahweh bless. ralph


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