SM Men's fashion "Men of All seasons" S/S14 collection

 SM Men's fashion launches Holiday and Spring-Summer collections.

Last Thursday, I was one of the lucky fashion bloggers who got the chance to see David Gandy up-close and watch the SM Men's fashion spring/summer 2014 collection entitled "Men of all seasons".

This season, SM Men's fashion take it to the next level by putting live orchestra on the show, visually arresting set/runway design "especially the giant revolver gun barrel big enough for a model to stand in each of its bullet casings", wide range of design that can cater different personal styles and a collaboration with a male supermodel "David Gandy".

From the cooler festivities of the holidays to the white hot allure of spring and summer, the menfolk are definitely in for active, yet sophisticated looks as SM Men's fashion and SM Boys Teen's wear reinvent classic favorites all year round.

Checkered polos and long sleeve shirts, on the other hand add texture to the Holiday collection. Relatively subdued in terms of color palette, these shirts complement the color-infused pieces of SM Men's fashion perfectly. With the color infusion of check designs of SM Men's fashion, the modern man can imbibe the look-and attitude-of street dapper kings taken to a new level.

For instance, they wear modern tartan tones of blue and greens, paired with more subtle checkered polos. Not only this create an entirely different pattern, but also balances out each element, ultimately to avoiding that dreaded mix-and-match overkill.


Holiday fashion also takes a rugged turn for the men as denim gets a Rorschach makeover. More commonly found in inkblot tests for psychiatry, this design element for tops and bottoms is slated to be one of Fall-Winter 2013's hottest print designs, what with its edgy look and enigmatic nature.

 Teens, on the other hand can resort to cool, interesting looks for the Holidays. For those who want to be out in the scene, SM Boys Teens' wear brings the Billy Jean denim- a classic piece that never goes out of style. Instead of cloning the classic '80s look though, the fashion brand infuses the design with contrasting prints.

Graphic shirts will also make a comeback as SM Boys Teens' wear comes out with innerwear inspired anatomy: skulls, bones, muscle tissues and even the Vitruvian man of Da Vinci. The collection also comes complete with classic flannel polos that can be use to temper the entire looks. Loud prints of the "bad boy" inner shirts are easily tempered with these classic polos, paving way for a look that's more playful and edgy, rather than just plain rebellious.

Speaking of playfulness, the new collection also comes with strong, geometric, 3D neon elements that create an illusion of depth in the shirts.

And since holiday in the tropics isn't as chilly, SM Boys Teens' wear has also come up with blazer/sweater and shirt/sweater hybrids. These gives the illusion of having a fashionable blazer or sweater to top of an otherwise simple shirt and jeans combination-without the discomfort of wearing the heavy, overtly warm material conventionally used in these items.

Men and teens can also be fashionably early in preparing for Spring and summer 2014. SM Men's fashion is poised to dress the menfolk in shades of white and nautical looks; while SM Boys Teens' wear offers a more colorful option.

In general, SM Men's Fashion's summer collection is very nautical, as can be observed in dominant whites, beiges and blues in the collection. Materials for the clothes, as well as cuts, were also carefully picked to ensure the soft fit and easy-to wear qualities of each item. These considerations make the pieces perfect for a wide range of occasions: from dressing up for a night out in town, all the way down to roughing it in the country side for the seasonal vacation.

The leading apparel brand also reinvents the modern man's world holiday wardrobe with color fusion-adding bold shades of green, red and other rich tones to classic must-haves. These give the usual knits and blazers a more festive appeal, adding flavor to the modern Filipino man's usual prediction towards more muted colors.

Things are also looking up for teens in the fashion department this coming spring and summer. SM Boys Teens wear captures the spirit of summer in prints that showcase a modernized collection of photographs consisting of sea, sand and skies. More importantly, it comes complete with an entire array of otherwise simple shirts, turned more interesting by a plethora of cloud prints and dyes of varying shades.

and the man of the hour, David Gandy who looks crisp and sharp in a suit. As people screamed and applaud,  The British supermodel strut down the runway with class and aristocracy, worth to be called "supermodel".

Country's top male models (L-R)
Rafael Do Prado, Fabio Ide, Daniel Matsunaga and Hideo Muraoka

With all these in place for both holidays, spring and summer - men and teens alike will definitely look dashing, rain or shine, all year long.

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