The horrible things I saw at Philippine fashion week s/s14

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Philippine fashion week spring/summer 2014 just ended and I couldn't help it but notice the horrible designs I saw strutting down the runway. There comes a point where I felt really sleepy while watching the shows because it's the same old sh*t every season!, it's either a copy from the past works of famous designers or the designs lacks taste and pretty boring. There are only few local designers who successfully delivered a cohesive, very tasteful and beautiful collection and some ugghh..needs to go back again in their atelier and think very hard on what they're going to present. Without further adieu I present you the horrible things I saw at Philippine fashion week spring/summer 2014.

 I'm not hating.
again, these are all my personal opinions

The design is outdated and personally I find this very funny. Not a big fan of the color, the ruffles and the sleeves "I wish the designer just cut those sleeves off".

This looks very cheap to me.

This shirt looks very common and outdated.


This fringe top that looks like it's from a Hawaiian dancer is not very Chic.

outdated print.

Paisley and floral prints are soooo last last season. 

This is not a very flattering gown.

It's the same silhouette, I'm not a fan of the details and the color.

Looks like a cheap version of Michael Cinco's holiday 2013 collection. 

Too much blue! too much..

"what's with the belt?"

Same silhouette every season, Nothing new!

I can definitely see the inspirations of the designer in this collection. Alexander Mcqueen 1998 + Margiela bejeweled masks.

Very Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2013.


  1. I applaud you for providing your critique, and I totally agree with you. Many of the garments, especially the silk pants and dresses looked very tortured! However I think some of the pieces could have worked if the styling was better. And whyyy let the model wear white undies under that sheer dress! OMG.

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

  2. I totally agree with you! Some of the designs I saw at this recent fashion week are a mix of fantastic/beautiful/elegant designs, some were just so-so (boring!), some were over the top (like who in his/her right mind would wear that!) and some were definitely atrocious like a certain headpiece I saw at the Creamsilk Luxe Collection! The designers need to up their ante seriously!

  3. Why do they have to copy from Alexander McQueen? Do they know originality? tsk tsk tsk...

  4. I'm not into fashion week much, but when I saw these pieces, I saw some of them being so yesterday and lack creativity. I do hope next year, they do better


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