Urban warrior at ACRONYM® 2013-14 fall/winter collection

 Dayuum! dying over all these functional pieces from this brand, I love all the jackets and that last ninja esque jacket at the last part of this video. This collection is for guys who are not afraid to look high fashion in public and who looks for functionality.

Functional and stylish, that's what ACRONYM® 's latest offerings for fall/winter season. The whole collection reminds me of a ninja living in a modern world, continuing with their acronymjutsu theme, the video acquaints us with a range of new performance jackets and outerwear pieces, some uber-functional as we’d come to expect from the brand and that veer more on the stylish side including a long coat with a tapered fit that retains functional features such as the magnetic FORECELOCK earbud holder on the collar. 

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