No Restraint

"Youth culture now really looks back and embraces the past, but keeps it 
contemporary but not sticking to one particular style". 

- Alexander Mcqueen

hehe I think one of the best perks of being a blogger aside from the free stuff is you can express yourself and  be whatever you want, these are the reasons why I started a blog. Now I welcome you with another weird or as fashion people like to say "avant-garde" outfit post. I'm really ecstatic every time I received comments from people who appreciates my weirdness and uncommon style, those people inspires me to keep going and continuing what I love.

These past few days, I noticed that menswear designers are taking it up a notch in terms of designing clothes for men, from their collections, to their lookbooks and to their concepts. I can finally say that fashion is finally fun again!.  I'm into the works of Ashton Michael's spring/summer 2014 collection, Aitor Throup "New object research" collection, Skingraft ss14, Yohji Yamamoto s2014 and Siki Im right now. These designers are just so epic! and their works inspired me to come up with this look.

This is the same outfit I wore at the fourth day of  Philippine fashion week s/s14 and was spotted by one of  Status Magazine street style photographers and some people who were amused with what I'm wearing and they took a picture of it.

Black ruffled jacket from KL COLLECTION

As you can see, this look is over layered. The upper part of this outfit (three layer) and the bottom part (three layer also).  In my last outfit post, you saw me wearing a cool jock inspired look and now  I'm wearing an avant-garde outfit straight from the runway inspired look. I'm just giving you guys variety and different approach to style, to make this site a lot interesting. :))

Shorts from ACRONYM
Shoes from Salvatore Mann

Very Japan Harajuku streetstyle


short/skirt from Once clothing

Photos taken by Juan Lorenzo Abiba of Juanshot.com
Check out his awesome works guys! :)) 


  1. Interesting look. I had to check each piece if 3 layers nga talaga. Haha. Nice one!

  2. AWESOME Look
    You're very stylist

  3. I really like your blog and your modern style
    Have a look at http://cristian-mo-ya.blogspot.com.es/


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