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I think if my dad is still here with us, I bet he'll push me into being an athlete (basketball player, soccer player, boxer) and I will not be very conscious with my looks/style and I will not pursue having a career in the fashion industry. Growing up with my mom opened my eyes in fashion, I can say my mom influenced me a lot in fashion and probably she's the main reason why I love the idea of people in beautiful clothes and it's always Christmas and sunny day with her BUT sometimes I miss my dad especially every Father's day.....naah I don't want to be all dramatic and cheesy in this post, so I'm just gonna say that "I really miss my dad!".

 Bomber jacket from NIXON

Bought this bomber jacket from Nixon. I actually like the fact that I never felt any discomfort or excessive sweating (living in a tropical country) while wearing this jacket unlike the other jackets that I own. It's pretty stylish with its leather sleeves and its black and white design. Style and functionality!.

 Pants from Viktor and Rolf

Mixing sportswear and casual outfits is one of the biggest trends this season "I think I've said this before" but seriously making your gym clothes/sportswear into a casual look is really a big challenge, so the key to perfect the sportswear chic trend is make the casual pieces more dominant than the sportswear pieces. In that, I'm pretty sure you'll look uber chic without your friends noticing that you're wearing your favorite gym clothes.  

I know you already noticed that I'm wearing a super badass sneakers! hehe. I'm wearing FOXFIRE from World Balance latest collection. Guys, before you buy a pair of sneakers make sure to check first if the quality is great or not, second is the design of the sneakers and lastly the comfortability of it.

I wore this shoes three days straight and I didn't felt any discomfort while wearing it plus I love the fact that it has a comfortable fabric lining and it's man-made leather with cow suede Upper. I think there are around 10 people approached me just to ask where did I buy my sneakers. kala ko magpapa-picture hehe :))

Check their FB page guys! I guarantee you'll find a pair perfect for you!! :))

I do look badass and cool in this pair ayt?! :))
Mr. Pogi candidate number..hahahahah joke

Midnight blue shirt from style by nada

Photos taken by: Juan Lorenzo Abiba of Juanshot.com


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  2. sup mate!! busy man you are i know..hahah..keep it up man..proud of you!! :) nice jacket you got bro..and i think hihingin ko ung shoes mo ahhaha

  3. Like the outfit Michael :) Pogi oh. Haha

  4. The jacket looks really cool. Team captain look indeed.

  5. i like this best! simple yet classy, i noticed you, more than the outfit which means, the outfit works! :) it made you shine. keep up the good work:)

  6. Bad Boy with a class ang dating. Bro ask ko lang are you wearing socks?

  7. Carl: You look like Billy Joe Crawford in this shot. I hope you like my post about you http://carlovalenzona.com/thewebmagazine/featured-blogger/

  8. Very cozy attire for young boy like you. More power to your fashion sense!

  9. I love the pants and the jacket. How I wish my man can pull off this kind of outfit.

  10. It is a nice jacket, it perfectly fits on you and look so classy.

  11. Beautiful shots!! omg ikaw na ang naka- Viktor and Rolf na pants! Bongga mo talaga! ♥


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