Best of 2013: The Contemporary Boy way

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year".
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Closing the year 2013 with this year-ender blog post just like what I did last year. Here's a full compilation of the looks that I did and posted here in my website throughout the year. I was laughing the whole time creating this collage coz' I know I also have some fashion lows that I posted here in my blog, though I'm not regretting it but it will serve as a lesson or learning experience and with those fashion lows, I now know what outfits are suitable and complements my body, age and personality. 

I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year 2013 especially in my blogging career. I never thought that I would reach this kind of success in just a span of one year. Starting with the increase of this blog views per day and per month, the brands who trusted in my social media and blogging expertise, the people who believed in my abilities especially in my skills in fashion, the PR agencies, my blogger friends, my loyal and very supportive blog readers and followers and lastly to my mom, who believed and invested in this lavish hobby of mine "ehem..the clothes, the camera, the yearly domain payment etc".  THANK YOU GUYS! FOR MAKING MY 2013 A BLAST!, A LEARNING EXPERIENCE AND LASTLY TO KNOW MYSELF MORE, PROMISE TO DO MY VERY BEST AND KEEP THE SAME PASSION IN 2014. I'M STILL HUNGRY AND CRAVING FOR MORE...

Thanks to my amazing friends/buddy and photographers, Mike Miguel, Neil Patrick Sheen, Sef Tiburcio, Daryll Fagarang, my cousins and lastly to the incredible and very talented Juan Lorenzo Abiba heheh taray! "more more amazing outfit photos in 2014!". 

Also to Jon Kendell of MADHOUSE MNL for creating a very amazing and iconic blog logo, header, thumbnail and post end trademark and to Kenneth Manalad for creating a very chic and tasteful blog layout!. Galing niyo guys sobra!! :D



  1. Happy New Year Michael! See you next year! :)

  2. Great images. Have a Happy New Year may it be filled with happiness and success.

  3. Great post, Happy new year!!

    Happy New Year!
    May it filled with joy, love and peace

  5. I love it! Thank you for sharing! :)
    P.S. What do you think about following each other? I'd be really happy if you wanted to! :) Let me know.
    Happy New Year!♥

  6. Happy new year! I wish you a 2014 full of happiness and success!
    Oriana xxx


  7. Thank you, i wishes you also a great year, health, prosperity and full of good for our blogs.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Very soon.
    Happy New Year.

  8. adorable person and nicee outfits
    Happy New Year~!


  9. Happy New Year! May 2014 be the best year for you yet!


  10. Olá!!!, Deus te abençoe boa tarde, Amigo hoje eu só quero AGRADECER, pela oportunidade de ter você como amigo e que neste ano a nossa amizade seja melhor e mais forte apressar de ser virtual mais eu agradeço por todos recados que você durante o ano todo mandou mesmo sendo critica ou que gostou eu amei cada palavra por que aprendi a amar e a respeitar cada pessoa, e a prendi com os erro e acerto e ajuda de você que para cada dia o post no blog fica se melhor eu preciso de você para dizer o que esta bom ou ruim eu só tenho a agradecer pela oportunidade de conhecer você e me desculpe por tudo, mais uma coisa eu sei DEUS, pela sua infinita bondade colocou você na minha vida para exalta o seu nome a cada dia e ser glorificado por nós, 2014 vai ser o ano da nossa vitoria. 2014 DE SUCESSO.
    Blog: http://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com.br
    Canal de youtube: http://www.youtube.com/NekitaReis

  11. great pics!
    wish you a wonderful new year!


  12. Great pictures. Happy new year and sucess for you. Kisses!


  13. Happy new year ! May this year be full of blessings to your each day and blogging world, Michael ;)
    Love your style ! xx



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