Regatta Welcomes Summer with 25th Anniversary Celebration

with Paolo Oga of Fuentes Manila

The World-class leisurewear welcomes the season with the unveiling of its
2014 Spring Summer Collection and the Limited Edition 25th edt fragrance.


Regatta, the iconic Filipino clothing brand known for its classic, casual and outdoor style, marks its 25th  year with a series of milestones that further elevates its status as the label that embodies the leisurely lifestyle of the new generation.

Founded in 1989, the Regatta celebrates over two-and-a-half decades of success with the launch of a refreshing mix of pieces in its 2014 Spring- Summer Collection and the introduction of yet another fresh and limited edition fragrance line.

The brand has grown to 29 stores nationwide and 2 concessions in key cities. It has developed its brand character as a casual leisure wear that portrays  the  atmosphere  from  sea  &  coast  to  town  &  country-  thus elements such as rowing oars, life savers, wood planks, boat modules and a fireplace with a deer head, ornate the entire store.
Regatta has truly flourished throughout the years, and will continue to do so in  the  years  tcome,  as  it  sets  its  sails  across  the  ocean  tthe international borders of Middle East and Asia Pacific
It’s a celebration of Regatta Lifestyle as it turns 25 this year! And to commemorate that, limited edition scents were specially made for men and women. The 25th EDTs embody a fresh ocean scent with hints of lime and a mix of floral and citrus fruits that evoke the memory of a perfect summer. 

This remarkable scent embodies what Regatta is all about: Relaxed, outdoorsy and distinctly stylish.
Each 50ml EDT comes in a clear bottle with a free anchor bracelet inside and is sold for only P425.00.

2014 Summer Collection
Coinciding with the celebration of its 25th year anniversary, Regatta shows off its new summer collection with dashes of bright hues and summer prints that exude a fun and carefree vibe – perfectly depicting what this season is all about. Regatta’s 2014 Summer Collection consists of Swimwear, Tropical Collection and Essentials. Each category carries that relaxed and easy style which Regatta is known for.

 Brighten up your summer wardrobe with Summer Swimwear pieces ranging from drawstring bikini tops and bottoms, one piece printed swimsuits, tank tops, rash guards, printed board shorts and dress shirts in floral prints; and shorts in
two-toned light colors.

 Meanwhile, interesting bursts of bright hues and fun summer prints are the themes of the Summer Tropical collection. This line features clusters of printed dresses and tank tops, striped polo shirts and light colored shorts for women; and printed and light colored polo/polo shirts and shorts for men. The Summer World Tees are also a highlight of the tropical collection as it features creative graphic prints inspired by some of the world’s famous summer destinations.

The Essentials collection exhibits the classic preppy and outdoorsy look with nautical printed/patterned polo shirts, cool and comfy striped dresses, khaki pants and shorts.
Visit Regatta stores near you to shop for this summer’s coolest trends that demonstrate fun, leisure, and relaxation in the great outdoors.




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