The SM City Sucat Experience

Wore a black draped shirt and aviators that day coz I know I'll be walking every store inside SM City Sucat.

Gosh! I've realized I haven't posted a new blog post in a week (well two weeks to be exact) and I feel really sad coz I couldn't afford to post a new one coz' of my busy and crazy schedule!!. Now I'm trying to come back again and hopefully next week, all things will be fine and I'll try to be consistent again just like old times (haha don't worry! this week lang ako busy).

I'm not really familiar with the places and malls at the South and I rarely go in that part of the Metro. That's why I got lost "a lot" going in this shopping haven of the South "SM City Sucat". The taxis in the South area are crazy expensive compared in the North and most of the taxi drivers are greedy!!.

You can definitely tell the difference with just one look between the shopping malls in South and here in the North. The malls in the south are pretty laid back and some stores are outdated but in a good way while here in North, the malls are modern specially the structure of it and the stores are always updated with the latest arrivals. FYI it's my first time in this shopping mall.

First stop: This cute gadget accessories store E-era. I love their stylish and trendy phone cases. They have different kinds of tablet and phone cases that suits your personality. I chose the most edgiest phone accessory they have and gave it to one of my closest friends.

Second stop: Tooth Fairy is a dental clinic inside a mall. That mostly caters for kids and young at heart. The whole clinic reminded me of my mom's office back in the day, coz she used to work in that industry and every time I visit her office, I always see those cool and awesomely weird replica of gums and teeth.

Third stop: Onesimus. This brand is one of my on the go brands if I want a well tailored and designer like suits. I love their sleek, stylish and modern designs and the prices of every suit is very reasonable.

Fourth stop: Celine. Found a lot of really tasteful and stylish bags and sandals in this Celine branch of SM City Sucat. They also have an outlet store located at the other building of SM City Sucat which I believe the prices are to die for!! like a clutch bag for only 150 pesos!!!.

Fifth stop: Marithe Francois Girbaud. I'm a fan of this brand since elementary days. I remember back in the day where I forced my mom to buy me a bag, wallet and jeans in this brand and all my pa cute and paawa strategy paid off! hahaha unlike today, that strategy will not work anymore. They are having a 50% off discounts when I visited their shop in SM City Sucat. Their shoes are also on sale, their bags and their jeans!!.

Sixth stop: This lavish watch shop "Royal time". Gaaaaaah! I want to buy all the watch inside of this store especially their Tissot and Rado watches!. The interior of this shop reminded me of how the watch shops looked like back in the day. It's very laid back and  there are many things going on, I believe they're not a fan of minimalist style hehe.

Seventh stop: Tronix imaging center. Hahaha while entering this store I felt like I'm in my elementary days (haha so puro throwback lang pala tong paglilibot ko sa SM Sucat) where me and my friends will have a group shot coz digi cam and dslr camera back in the day aren't that cool yet. Got to try it again with my blogger friends and the whole time of the photo shoot session I was like "Seriously?" hahahah. It was fun and reminded me a lot of great memories.

hahah sorry wala gaanong picpak! kasi sobrang na enjoy ko yung photo shoot sa loob hahaha

Eight stop: Aficionado. The very popular perfume shop in the whole country. Got to try their original and designer like perfumes and my favorite of em' all is the F16 scent! and their products are very affordable too! like I can buy the whole kiosk na! hahaha kidding. :D

Ninth stop: Uropa. This is the first time I heard of this brand, that's why without hesitation I entered this store and was really impressed with the brands this retail store is selling. They have Vivienne Westwood  Anglomania shoes,  Pull and bear, Jean Paul Gaultier and a whole lot more!!. Was about to buy the Vivienne Westwood shoes but I'm not a fan of the color of it, that's why I have to let it go.

Tenth stop: Fly Shades. One of my biggest obsessions ever are shades!!.

and that's how I spent my day in SM City Sucat!. It was really tiring but super fun!. A must-visit place if you're going in the area of South. The stores in this mall are offering huge discounts on their products especially the brands that are mentioned/featured in this post. I will definitely come back to buy the stuff that I love. Overall it was an epic day!, really enjoyed the whole SM City Sucat experience and the laid back vibe of it.

Directions going to SM City Sucat.

1. Ride a bus from Edsa that has a Sucat/Bicutan sign.
2. Tell the conductor to drop you off in Sucat
3. Ride a jeepney or fx going to baclaran and tell the driver to drop you off at SM Sucat. :D

Directions on going to SM City Sucat(commute via EDSA).
1. Ride a bus from EDSA that has a Sucat/Bicutan sign.
2. Drop off at Sucat.
3. Ride a jeepney/fx going to baclaran and tell the drive to drop you off at SM Sucat. It is just in front of Avida.
- See more at: http://www.twatome.com/2014/03/sm-city-sucat-shopping-haven-of-south.html#m


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  2. Great place to shop so many items and a dental place all in one pretty cool.

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  5. Aviator shades are my favorite shades. I long for spring now :)


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  8. Great post!
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  9. Your photos are so beautifully shot! And DAMN that skull phone case was quite something, huh?


  10. Great photos, thanks for sharing :-) I like your shirt, it's not that ordinary!
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  12. Thanks for sharing those place to us . I think the toothe fairy was cute and unique .

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