Sports Barbers "Color power punch treatment"

Growing up, looks has always been one of my top priorities in life. From my clothing choices to my hairstyle, I never leave our house looking like a mess because you don't know (no one knows) there might be a great opportunity waiting for you the moment you stepped out of your house. That's why looks is very important to me.

When I say Barbershop, what are the things that instantly pops into your mind? ohhhhhh I know exactly what you're thinking (si Professor X ka koya? hahaha). We think of some old and outdated kind cutting hair, no style, just plainly boring and no fun at all (just for the sake of following our school's rules and regulations) but I know a place where all these stereotypical thoughts of yours can be changed.

Recently, I discovered a very cool Barbershop just around the metro. This is not just your ordinary Barbershop that we Filipinos are used to, this place is very unique and cool. I bet you'll like this place especially if you're a type of guy who both loves grooming and sports. Sports Barbers offers a lot of services and treatments for both men and women!! yes you heard me right WOMEN. Here's a list of their awesome services and treatments (just love the names of their treatments) Beckham Head Kicks, Pound for pound massages, Color Power punch, etc.


Love the spacious and sporty interior of the whole place. I'm always attracted to spacious and sleek looking area.

Since this is my first time dying my hair with different color, I don't have any idea what color that will perfectly suit my skin color, so I just let the hairstylist do his awesome powers. He said that his peg for my hairstyle and color was the famous soccer player David Beckham coz he can the a little bit of resemblance of him to me (haha nambola pa si koya). Before anything else, he trimmed my hair and make it look like David's hairstyle.

Freshly shampooed hair! I had a conversation with (Jay-r) the hairstylist about hair care and the differences between the Barbershops here in our country to the states. He said that some Barbershops in the states are very sophisticated and properly organized and the idea of Barbershop there is very different compared here in our country. That's why they're offering that kind of style and service to the Filipino masses because we Filipinos simply deserves the best.

with my photographer and assistant on that day, Mr. Neil Patrick Sheen.

 Treatment time! my hairstylist chose light ash blonde but I told him to make it a little dark because of some University policies/rules I need to follow. 

Free scalp massage too!! yeay!! haha. After the relaxing scalp massage, they wrapped my hair and let the treatment set for 20 minutes before washing it off.

Blowdrying time!

Voila! from black to dark ash blonde!! yeay! so happy that the final result and thank God they Sports Barbers hired tasteful and awesome hairstylists. So expect my upcoming outfit photos in this hair color. Cool, tough and masculine. Thank you so much Sports Barbers for making my first experience memorable.

Neil also looks great in his sleek and clean haircut. 

So guys? what are y'all waiting for? visit Sports Barbers now and get ready to be pampered and update your look with Sports Barbers awesome hair treatments and services.

For prices inquiries and other concers, follow Sports Babers
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  1. oooh,you look so cute....I like your new look :D

    (thank you on your comment)

  2. the concept of the barbershop is really cute,and you look good in dark ash blonde :D


  3. You did it again Mr. Macalos. Great post my friend. U look so fresh & clean

    Greets Jon,

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