Shiny Leather

Just read an article about how menswear is becoming the next big thing in fashion. For over five years now, the growth of the men's fashion market has outspaced the womenswear. I think the rise of male bloggers in social media and in fashion blogging industry contributed a lot of percent why the menswear market is becoming more and more in demand as the years goes by. These male bloggers gave new ideas and perspective in menswear dressing, it's not just t-shirt and jeans, there's more than that, and people especially guys take inspirations from it, try to apply that style to themselves, post it on social media (twitter, Instagram) and it goes on and on and on. A cycle of how one influences another - plus the rise of fashion websites that dominantly caters for male. That's why male bloggers are definitely one of the key factors why menswear is becoming innovative and in demand. 

Coats has been one of my current addiction this season, shiny, matte, wool, knitted and even neoprenes! I'll wear it as long as the tailoring and fit of it complements my body figure. It's been ages since the last time I wore this Jeffrey Rodgers shiny leather coat, I know coats are not really essential in tropical countries, that's why I prefer fabrics that are easy to wear and doesn't attracts heat.

Shiny leather coat from Jeffrey Rodgers
Pants from Levi's
Black shirt from H&M
Mandals from Zalora Philippines

Photographed by Lorenz Kyle Wong
Editing by Me


  1. Wow, that leather coat is such a statement piece! And I really love how you styled it, it's cool and modern!
    Amazing blog, btw!! :)


  2. Great outfit and great photos... If you will we can follow each other, just let mw know, dear. I always follow back.


  3. Amazing style! I just love how the way you style the coat. Those mandals are great! :)

    Please do visit my Blog. I'm also a Filipino fashion blogger. :)

  4. Sleek Style as always. Awesome look Michael
    I couldn't agree more with your statement regarding the growing number of men being part of the fashion industry
    Cheers to us... the new bloods of Fashion



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