Trend report: On the loose

You don't have to sacrifice comfort just to look polished and well-dressed.  Ughh, those days where you're feeling very lazy to wear clothing pieces that requires a lot of effort in order to pull it off, and you just want to deck yourself in a comfortable pants or shirt, so you go for the basics coz it's so cool right now. Ditched the basics! (t-shirts and skinny jeans) just to feel you're under dressed, go for the loose and relaxed dressing just like what we've seen from Damir Doma, Lemaire, Duckie Brown latest menswear collections. This season is all about loose sartorial fitting, loose pants, loose shirt and oversize ponchos and coats are one of the key pieces of this latest trend. What I love the most about this trend is, it looks chill and comfortable without sacrificing style. So the next time that you feel lazy in dressing yourself, why not go for this trend.


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