Dress like a fashion editor: Wardrobe Essentials

Probably being an editor of a top fashion magazine is one of the most fun and exciting jobs in the fashion industry. Wanna know why? first, invitations to the best fashion shows and parties, discounted designer clothing or sometimes free!, upcoming fashion designers and brands are begging you to notice them, next- you dictate what's in and out and lastly, travel the world in style. Yeah, those are one of the many perks of being an editor of a top fashion magazine, but the journey to front-row Nirvana takes a lot of connections, hard work and dedication. So if you're planning to be an editor, you better start right now.

If you're a fashion editor, people in the fashion industry look up to you and depicts you as a power dresser.  Rocking the most unconventional and chic designer clothing pieces. Based on the street style  looks of top fashion editors around the world and how the way they style themselves, you'll notice that they all look cool and intimidating at the same time. They're the epitome of street style extravaganza.  You too, can also look like a fashion savvy editor with the right wardrobe essentials. If you'll compare how top fashion editors dress themselves, there's one thing you'll notice - these editors are a fan of sartorial and comfortable dressing. Only few editors in the world do avant-garde, it's mostly well-tailored and crisp clothing pieces. Here are the things that you must have in order to successfully pull off that sleek fashion editor look. You only need 6 wardrobe essentials to look like a top fashion editor.

Tailored pants

Pants that perfectly flatters your legs and body built are one of the basic essentials in dressing like an editor. Instead of donning yourself in a dainty dress, why not try tailored pants. It looks professional and bad ass at the same time.

Oversized coat
We've been seeing a lot of editors and fashion bloggers sporting oversized coats. Oversized coats are one of fashion editors best friends, it instantly gives you that chic and elegant charm. It's stylish, comfortable to wear, and keep you warm. Just pair it with a nice Celine Paris clutch bag and you're good to go.

Sleek sunglasses
Fashion editors are working and travelling the world 24/7 "fashion never sleeps". Instead of using concealers to hide your tired eyes, try to wear a sleek sunglasses. Owning a pair of sunglasses is a must have!. It gives you that instant cool effect in your whole outfit, just make sure that the sunglasses you're wearing perfectly complements the shape of your face coz' there are a lot of people who don't know what frame, style and shape will complement their facial structure.

Basic staples
Never underestimate the power of basics. These type of pieces are the most versatile clothing pieces that you'll ever have in your wardrobe. The styling and choices are limitless when pairing it with basic staples. Remember to keep the whole look clean and polished, try to add a new take or perspective on styling your basic pieces. Just like in the looks below.

Cutting-edge footwear
I'm a firm believer in having a very good shoe wardrobe. Having a classic shoe wardrobe is just as important as having a great closet filled with clothes and accessories. Top fashion editors are always sporting the coolest and most unique footwear ever! they're not afraid of experimenting with different styles and materials in footwear. It's very important to own a tasteful footwear especially if you want to look like a top fashion editor, try to avoid those mainstream and cheap looking shoes. 

Bag that speaks for itself
and lastly, a bag that screams FASHION!.

Tailored pants + Oversized coat + Basic staples + Sleek Sunglasses + Fancy footwear + cool bag =


  1. Love the bags and boots.....

  2. Wow amazing outfits! :) I adore these oversized coats! Fantastic!

    Have an amazing day dear!


  3. Love this post! Very inspirational x
    - mikeystyle.com

  4. I LOVE IT !!! :O
    Great photos,outfits and article <3


  5. The shoes are amzing and I love these green coats! Amazing selection of outfits Michael!

  6. Show de imagens lindos sapatos amei,
    Curta e siga o meu canal:

  7. Lovely pictures!
    I love Margaret Zhang style :)

  8. Cute inspiration! Kisses.

  9. I love this selecion!
    xoxo Gi.

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  10. Beautiful selection of outfits!

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  12. ooh this was a fun read. I really want to experiment and create an "editor" outfit now. Can't wait!


  13. ooh this was a fun read. I really want to experiment and create an "editor" outfit now. Can't wait!



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