How to: Things you must do to attract sponsors and brands to your blog

Whenever I run through my email, there's always those unread messages from my readers asking help about fashion and style, especially in fashion blogging. I love helping my readers and followers as long as I know the answers or I know I have the right to give them an advice. I received a tons of questions asking how to monetize or earn money just by (fashion blogging)  posting your outfits on the web and blabbing everything under the sun, and it may sound like an easy task, but to be honest its not!. There are a lot of things to consider before creating a fashion blog, you can easily create a blog in just 5 minutes but maintaining it requires full dedication, passion and creativity. If you're planning to start a blog just for the sake of money and fame, you better STOP right now. You'll just end up disappointing yourself.

Fashion blogging is fun and exciting, especially if you're doing it for the sake of creativity and passion for fashion. Don't think of fame and money, just focus on how can you inspire and help people, delivering fresh content to your readers and being consistent with what you're doing. Consistency helps a lot!. In my almost five years of fashion blogging, I already collaborated and worked with a lot of international and local brands, designers and online shops, though some of it is not as big as like the other bloggers, but still its a brand that needs your blogging service and you have to give them your 100% effort no matter what. Yeah, my experiences over the past few years as a fashion blogger helped me figured out some important things that involves advertising, money and sponsors. Each brand has a different style and marketing strategy, the brand should reflect your style and personality coz if its not, it will look forced. To cut the long story short, here are the things you must do and build in order to attract sponsors for your blog.

Build your Identity (Branding)

Think of Hollywood celebrities, each celebrity has distinct style and different personalities, and you noticed that those who don't play safe are the ones who succeed (Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Madonna). Their identity and brand as artists matters the most, try applying that to yourself as a blogger. No one needs another Adam Gallagher, Bryan Boy or Chiarra Ferragni, stop copying their brand/identity that they established over the past years, and start building your own. Your brand must reflect your personality, your clothing choices and style. It should be unique, stand out and unforgettable.Try pushing the boundaries of creativity even more. If you established a unique and stand out brand identity, the right brands and companies for you will start coming. 

Be Creative

You'll notice that bloggers nowadays are creative as hell, they look like they took a course about creativity and design, and mastered it gracefully. You must be creative all the time, each picture you post on your social media accounts must inspire your followers and motivate them that earth is such a happy place to live. Pinterest and Instagram is a great source of inspiration and artsy stuff. 


Alright time to get serious... Stop writing nonsense and useless articles in your blog, instead of blabbing about yourself and talking about your outfit or what you ate, why not start posting articles that people will share on their Facebook newsfeeds - articles that are helpful, informative and inspiring. Try writing about fashion trends, opinion piece and the things you know. Quality of the post must be on point. Brands also review if a blogger can produce compelling and interesting blog posts.

Cool photos 

Gone are the days where bloggers look like normal people. Fashion bloggers nowadays (the successful ones) looked and posed in the camera like supermodels, they know how to model the outfit they're wearing, the styling is on point and the quality of the photos looks like it's ready to be published on top magazines. Those are the characteristics that brands are looking for!. They want to see that their stuff looks good on the blogger and he/she can give justice to it, You must invest on a camera and try teaching your friends on how to operate and shoot beautiful photos, but that is crucially hard. I suggest to contact your blogger friends and take each other outfits or you can just hire a professional photographer. Make sure that the photos looks like it's from a top fashion magazine.

Connections *ehem blogger friends*

My first connections are my blogger friends, they helped me gain and expand my horizons in the blogging scene. Being friends (friendly) with bloggers can be a really big help, especially if you're just starting out. They can connect you with brands, pr agencies and companies through their influence, and once you have connected with those companies, it's time to prove to them that you're the best blogger in the world. Try building a healthy connection/friendship with your blogger friends, pr agencies and companies because at the end of the day, friendship still reigns, right?. 
Learn to improve your socializing skills, be always approachable and friendly.

Be Instagram artsy

Instagram is one of the most leading application where you can connect with people through photos instantly. Majority of today's brands are using Instagram and aware how powerful Instagram is. Some bloggers earn a lot just by posting on their Instagram accounts. Creating a powerful and artsy Instagram feed is a must for every fashion blogger, this is your portfolio and it reflects with your personality, style and taste in art, fashion and life. Start inspiring your readers and followers by posting artsy Instagram photos on your profile.

Build your influence (followers, readers, fan base)

And last but definitely not the least, build your influence before contacting any brand. This process usually takes a lot of patience, time and hard work. Try reading helpful tips on how to successfully build your influence as a blogger, but I'll suggest that to stay true to yourself, be unique and stop following what people are doing. Be a stand out, push the boundaries of creativity and fashion, and the rest will follow. Remember that there's no overnight success. CONSISTENCY can lead you to many wonderful things. 

That's it guys! the things you must remember before contacting any brand. Hope these tips helps you figured out some things. ^_^ Good luck!! 

photos: LE21EME


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