My Linden Suites experience

During Holidays, me and my family loves to checked in and spend the whole weekends at hotels, especially if its long weekends. My mom and dad loves looking at beautiful interiors and furnitures, that's why they only choose the finest and most exquisite hotels around the metro, and one of them is the Linden Suites. I know why Linden Suites is on their list, because it's quite near our house and its located at San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas Center, meaning there are shopping malls and fancy restaurants located around the hotel. 

Last week, together with my blogger friends, we visited the famous Linden Suites and experienced what it feels like to checked in at one of the most prominent hotels around the metro. Embarking on a major relaunch, The Linden Suites, located on San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas Center, meets the challenge and is giving its clients a new product to enjoy.

I love how each rooms are well decorated and minimally powerful at the same time. The use of browns, taupe, green and white makes it looked expensive, chic and really stylish. I was definitely inspired as I roamed around the whole hotel, I think the interior designer of the Linden Suites is very aware with what's happening now, and how he/she incorporated it with each rooms is just fantastic. 

Established 15 years ago but having just completed a renovation, Linden is confident about the prospects of becoming the preferred choice of the growing number of foreign as well as local travelers to the area. The hotel has always attracted corporate clients such as the Asian Development Bank, San Miguel Corporation and Convergys. The hotel’s extensive refurbishment now provides these clients the opportunity to enjoy Linden in a new way.

Linden is named after a tree known for giving rest to the weary traveler. Back in the day when there were still no cars and people traveled on foot, they would stop at a Linden tree to rest under the shade of its wide branches. We share that vision.  

I can spend the whole weekends in this room!!. I think it will match well with my Instagram feed hehe. @michaelmacalos 

Aiming to meet the ever-changing demands of the progressive traveler clientele particularly in the Ortigas area, Linden has given its spacious rooms a fresh look.

The Linden Suites is optimistic and looks forward to serving its share of the more than 5 million tourist arrivals in the country in the coming year.

"As early as now, we have prepared a series of seasonal and surprise promotional activities for our guests to avail of including extra services like providing transport to nearby destinations.  Apart from special rates and seasonal promos, Mesclun’s staff are busy cooking up delicious treats for its guests. Our guests have enjoyed the international buffet and new dishes that are whipped up in the kitchen.
- The Linden Suites

The Linden Suites is optimistic and looks forward to serving its share of the more than 5 million tourist arrivals in the country in the coming year.

So what are you waiting for guys?!! visit and book a room now at The Linden Suites! I'm very sure that you'll enjoy their services and rooms ♥ 

To know more visit http://www.lindensuites.com


  1. Very beautiful hotel, looks amazing.

  2. looks very nice and spacious, love the pool :) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  3. This place are fantastic is so clean and simple.

  4. Wonderful place
    beautiful photos

  5. Wow! Wonderful place!


  6. The decor of this hotel is really lovely and modern - refreshingly so. The pool looks particularly nice and I love spending time in hotel gyms!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  7. Fantastic hotel!!!!!
    xoxo Gi.

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  8. I think it's a great tradition to spend long weekends with a family or friends somewhere outside and just rest without cleaning and cooking))


  9. looks absolutely stunning.


  10. Beautiful hotel.

  11. looks fantastic

  12. I think that it would be a bit expensive for me but if I could I would go there. It is nice that you can see a lot of different hotels. xoxo

  13. That's a beautiful spacious hotel, thanks for sharing it with us. Love the decor! Have a great Easter :)

  14. That looks so nice! And that pool! Great review :)


  15. Enjoy the weekend and Happy Easter!

    Alice Cerea,

  16. Oh wow that is a stunning hotel, and my gym uses the same equipment as theirs :)

    Meme xx

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  17. I just somehow don´t adore the color of the wood but the view is simply beautiful and I love the shape of the wooden shelves :)


  18. Wow, that must be a pleasant staycation :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles


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