Fun weekend getaway at Matabungkay Beach hotel

I noticed that I've been working so hard these past few weeks and I felt like it's kinda aging me a little bit. All I do is work, work and work, considering the fact that I'm just a teenager (19) though I'm not complaining, it's just that sometimes you just need to stop and enjoy everything that surrounds you. Last week, together with my friends in the blogging industry, we visited a relaxing resort and beach hotel located at Lian, Batangas. The whole places looks promising and interesting, but going there can be quite stressing and hectic. That's why I would recommend to just drive all the way from Manila to this place, than experience the hassle and hell of commuting.

We stayed at Matabungkay Beach Hotel for 2 1/2 days, arrived there on Saturday and left the place Monday afternoon. The whole 2 1/2 days was full of relaxation, eating and experiencing what this resort can offer to their customers. According to my mom, this resort or this place was very famous back in the day, but with rumors and news going on the succeeding years, this resort seems to lose its charm to other people and of course with the rise of many beach hotels near Manila and around the country. Now they're back to tell the world that Matabungkay Beach Hotel is ready to be the IT paradise again as they try to reinvent and offer fun new services to their customers and tourists.

Our first day. we stayed at their Deluxe suit. There is only 5 rooms in that special floor, which is dedicated just for us bloggers. The theme and interior of that floor is very different from the floors below us, the use of wood and bamboos to each rooms is impressive and very native.

After we settled down on our respective rooms, we headed at the dining area to have our dinner. The Chef served us their most promising dishes and best sellers in the resort. Then we stayed at their Cogon bar for a while and talked about a lot stuff *mostly blogging*. Sorry if I didn't took any pictures of the food because I was really really starving that time but I swear it's very delicious. Haha let me just satisfy your eyes with my pa artsy photography skills while waiting for our food that time.

Our Agenda that day

>  Settle down on our respective rooms
> Tour and explore the whole place
>  Dinner
>  Hang out at the Resort's bar
>  Party at Matabungkay h2o relaunch of their new pool
>  Night Swimming
> Catch up with my friends in the blogging industry (the best part of that day!. We shared our sentiments, experiences and memories). 

Time for some night swimming! 

The Morning after

We woke up a little bit late..the travelling time and night swimming really drained my energy. 
We were surprised when they told us that we need to pack our things and stuff because we're staying at the beachside villas. The beachside villas can accommodate a whole family! (6 persons), it has a garden area, a terrace and a nice view by the beach where you can witness the breathtaking sunset. Again the whole interior of the villa is impressive and quite modern, with the use of structural furniture pieces. It can uplift any mood because of the villas style and ambiance.

Our Agenda that day

>  Eat breakfast at the Resort's dining area
>  Transfer to beachside villa
>  Take ootds (style blogger duties)
>  Swimming with my blogger friends
>  Relax and watch the sunset at the beach
>  Dinner
> Bonfire
> Watch Gone Girl movie

Last Day

Last day was kinda' sad because it means that all these fun is about to end, and time to go back at the hectic and fast paced life at Manila (back to reality). I wished we stayed another day there, but we have work and commitments to fulfill in Manila, that's why we left around 1 p.m at the resort.

Agenda on our last day 

> Woke up very early to watch the sunrise
> Shoot some ootds
> Explore the beauty of the whole resort
> Swimming
> Lunch
> Pack our stuff
> Leave the place by 2 p.m

We super enjoyed our stay at Matabungkay Beach Hotel and I'm very sure that this isn't the last time that I'll visit this place. Hoping to visit this place again with my family and relatives. Thank you so much to the whole crew and staff of Matabungkay Beach hotel for treating us like kings and queens, for your hospitality and letting us experience the beauty of your resort. Thank you also to the Chef that prepared a scrumptious and delicious meals during our stay and lastly this wouldn't be possible without Jeoff Solas, who organized and planned this super fun trip. Thank you so much guys!! 

Some informations you need to know about the Matabungkay Beach Resort: 
-  In the industry for 33 years
- Has 5 types of rooms: Deluxe Room, Deluxe Suite, Family Room, Superior Family and their Beachside Villa
- Has 4 dining areas
- Has 2 function rooms
- Has 3 pools
- 1 spa area
- 1 salon area

- Has team building facilities  and other recreational activities including their famous FLOATING BALSA 

For more info + rates, visit their official website: http://matabungkaybeachhotel.com


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