Made by You by Converse

I know, I know this post is quite late but it's totally worth sharing. I was so happy when Converse Philippines contacted me to be one of their bloggers/online influencers for their campaigns. I was so shocked with the amount of trust they gave me and how they made me feel special and important, that my opinions also matters. Coming from a person (me) that thinks no one believe in him with his skills and talents throughout his life and feels like he's not good enough or will never be good enough, but Converse made me feel like a star. Actually, we all do felt like we're born to be somebody, always pushing ourselves to be the next big thing in the world, especially with the rise of social media and internet, everybody can now be world famous in 15 minutes. But I think being a star doesn't mean that you have to be famous or have a gazillions of followers/fans. I think to be a star, all you need are people who always made you feel special and believes that you "CAN".

Converse always make sure that their loyal customers and fans feel special and important, especially with their latest campaign "Made by You". The brand’s “Made By You” campaign spotlights lived-in Chucks from the famous and the ordinary. Across art installations in cities all over the world, Converse is showing how creative souls like Patti Smith, Andy Warhol and the musician next door customize their sneakers into well-worn, one-of-a-kind artworks — a practice that has become closely associated with the shoe as it approaches its centennial. 

I love that Converse put the spotlight on to their fans and customers for their celebration of 100 years in the industry. Showcasing different creative and unique personalities and combining it all in one campaign. The campaign didn't just say that we are all born to be creative and free, this campaign also creates a bold and powerful statement that we're all equal.  

This is a film that celebrates you. The Chuck Taylor wearers from around the globe. The young, the old, the artists, the musicians, the actors, the nerds, the nobodies, the up-and-comers, even the famous. Their Chucks are a part of who they are. Every scuff, stain and doodle all help shape their story. 

These are their moments, their secrets. This is what makes them, them.

The Converse “Made By You” campaign was brought to life to celebrate fans of the brand who have been creatively expressing themselves in their Chuck Taylor All Stars. While over 1 billion pairs of Chucks have been sold worldwide, no two pairs are ever worn the same; there’s something innately storied, as it were, about the silhouette.

Here's some pictures of how Converse Philippines celebrated and launched "Made by You"

Photographed by Ira Giorgetti of Iragiorgetti.com

How about you? what's your Chucks story? 


  1. You're welcome ;)

    1. hahaha Thank you for the event photos Ira!! ^_^

  2. congratss on the collab! You should believe in yourself, Converse obviously does!! :))


  3. Cool converse. I like it!!

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  4. I heard about this "event" and lot of bloggers here in Czech republic were attending..it is amazing I have to say, something what is really yours..


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