How I style my black shirts

I was sorting my closet this morning to see if there is something that I can reinvent or think of new ways to wear a closet staple. I'm a big fan of reinvention, I love thinking of unconventional and modern ways to wear a specific clothing. Give me a simple shirt, and I'll come up with a straight from the runway Comme des Garcons look. Also reinventing saves me a lot of money, instead of buying a new designer jacket or shirt, I'll just go through my closet and think of ways on how can I achieve that designer "ish" look without spending a lot money, just like what I'm wearing for today's blog post.

If there is one thing in my closet that I can't live without or will never ever give to my friends, probably all my basic shirts especially the black ones. I can pair them with anything, just like what I did in this look. Gave it an edge to it by pairing it with a man dress (underneath the shirt). Who knew you can create something special in black shirts?.  Truly, the way of wearing a staple shirt is limitless and I can't wait to show it all to you.

Black shirt from Zalora
Man dress from H&M
Shorts from Two Percent Homme
Shoes from Dr. Martens
Cross-body bag from Zara


  1. Love black outfits =)


  2. Awesome look!


  3. cool outfit, very handsome too ;)

  4. Love black on black style! :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  5. the layering was a good idea- makes a plain black T-shirt more interesting!

  6. love the photos bro!! who took this and you did the editing? anyways..practically cool outfit bro!! let shoot naman minsan..hehe

  7. i love how you style the black shirt <3 so cool :D

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  8. Black T-shirt is good thing. Great job with its using in your outfit. I love it!
    And cool pics. :-)

  9. Great look. You can't go wrong with a black shirt!

  10. I love your style


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