Pizza day at Yellow Cab Mezza

Hello guys! I just wanted to share to all of you what happened last Thursday at the re-opening of Yellow Cab, Mezza Residences branch. To those of you who doesn't know what Yellow Cab is (especially to my readers that are based outside the Philippines) Yellow Cab is initially inspired by the New York concept, and their brand's identity radiates the passion and energy of this cosmopolitan icon. They strive to make Yellow Cab an experience for all the senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing). Obviously they offer great tasting and very delicious pizzas. 

Whenever I think of this restaurant, I always remember the fun times I spent with my classmates, friends and family. This place is like our on the go place for celebrations and you can't deny that most of their pizzas are baked to perfection. As I've said, this is the on the go place for celebrations, and last Thursday, I spent the whole day at Yellow Cab Mezza Residences together with my friends in the blogging industry and with our blog followers and readers. We treated our loyal readers to an intimate lunch date at Yellow Cab Mezza Residences (I prefer to call it pizza party though).  

This is the first time that I interacted with my followers and readers in person, and it felt great!. Sometimes I feel like I'm a very, very introvert person, that's why I don't do meet ups or meet my readers like what other bloggers do. Well, there are times that I bumped into some of my readers in public places, and that's only the time I interacted with them. Hoping to meet all of you very soon!.

The five challengers of Yellow Cab's man vs pizza eating contest
Met these beautiful people! 

Bloggers: Trice and Ava
Seph Cham 
Ava with her blog readers and contest winners
Meet these cool guys! They're the winners of my Instagram contest!
Jill, Gil, Bryant and Rhouel

After interacting with our blog readers, we then headed to Yellow Cab's kitchen, to experience how to make great tasting pizza. Never expected in my life that I'll be creating my own pizza at one of my favorites pizza bars!. Yeah, they taught us how to create Yellow Cab's New York's finest pizza. It was so fun! mixing and putting all the ingredients on top of it. I felt like I'm one of the chefs that are battling it out at the kitchen Masterchef.

Yeay! my own version of Yellow Cab pizza!!!. Visit us here at Yellow Cab Mezza, Sta. Mesa Manila. 

Thank you so much Yellow Cab and Arnie for having me ♥ 


  1. Mmmm the pizza looks so yummy!

    Rachel xx

  2. Wow! Amazing post!


  3. Looks super yummy! My stomach is growling right now. ;P
    Great post!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  4. sure was a great event
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  5. This post makes me so hungry :D Love the photos <3 Looks like you had fun!

  6. Mmmmm pizza!!!


  7. awesome pictures!! and thanks im really hungry rn


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