A little bit of my life (life update)

Started my week pretty chill and easy. I woke up around 8:00 a.m, went to the gym to do my workout routine, eat lunch and get dressed in my most laziest and comfiest clothing (white shirt and jeans). Mondays are always a chill day for bloggers, there are no brands who wants to jump start their week with an event and only few clients wants to have a formal meeting on Mondays, yeah my Monday was that pretty simple. Went to meet my blogger love Cha Ocampo and her friend Russel to do some blogger duties at one of Bench/s stores. We just spent the whole day talking about everything in life. I'm so happy to have a friend like Cha, not just because we share the same aesthetics and personal style, I'm glad to have her in my life because I feel like I'm just hanging out with one of my boys every time we hang out. With her, there are no dramas and pretensions. The same feeling that I felt when I'm with my other best friend Mike Miguel of @mikewillfly. Yeah, I'm just so happy to have people like Cha and Mike in my life, those two are the kind of people who are worth keeping for. #besties

It's been quite a while the last time I did this post, that's why I'm doing it again.
Just to keep you guys updated what's going on in my life right now.

>  The weather here in Manila is so unbearable during afternoons. I'm sweating like a pig even in my tee. 
>  Supporting Bench's latest campaign, where normal people can have the opportunity to be seen at one of the biggest billboards in Edsa
> Did some epic things with my original photographer and blogger buddy Kyle Lorenz Wong.
>Lunch date with my blogger love Cha Ocampo. 
> Saw this flower arrangement at the newly opened Wellworth store. I think it will look good inside my room. 
> Serving some minimal shoe selfie
> Just turned 20 last week. 
> Preparing for Bloggers' United 9 
> Retail therapy at Wellworth 


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  2. Nice photos!!

    NEW OUTFIT IN MY FASHION BLOG!!: http://diamondconestilopropio.blogspot.com.es/

  3. Love these life updates! x
    - <a href="http://mikeystyle.blogspot.com/“>mikeystyle.com</a>

  4. Great instagram photos :) Greetings :)


  5. Happy June :)


  6. Your life is colourful~Though a little bit.

  7. Ughhh your feed is <333
    AND HOW I WISH MY MONDAYS ARE AS CHILL AS YOURS TOO. Caps Lock talaga kasi intense. Hahaha! And i wish I knew when the BU9 would be para nakaprepare naman ako at makapunta! Huhuhu. Is the BU event really held on May-June-ish? :D

  8. Beautiful pictures :) Happy June!


  9. Nice post!


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