My daily skin care routine: Perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin

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All reviews and every word I wrote in this post came from the bottom of heart. 

A lot of you guys already know my hobbies, my likes, what I'm doing on a daily basis, and some important things about my life, but I know, only a few of you knows that I suffered bad acne for like 6 years. Pimples started appearing on my face when I was 14, and from there my search for the best skin care products and skin care clinics for my face has been a struggle/challenge. My face was pretty bad the time I hit my last years of being a teenager, I call this stage "the outbreak". Face was super red, especially on the cheeks area, a lot of pimples on my left cheek, forehead and temple area. I'm so embarrassed with it that I need to skip classes or don't go to school because my face was that bad (coming from a very narcissistic person like me). I don't want my classmates to pity me for having bad skin or feel bad for me. I hate it when you're having a really nice conversation with people you just met or your friends, and out of nowhere they will start asking what products you're using on your face and some blah blah blah. As if like you're not doing your very very best to treat it!. Yeah, if you have a friend who suffers acne or have a sensitive skin, you should be very careful and sensitive with the words you will say especially when the topic is all about skin. I personally know hot it feels like (feels like you're the most ugliest person alive).

In my 6 years of battling with acne, I tried a lot of products and skin care clinics that guarantees clear skin if you use it or try their services. Guess what?! none of those products works for me! especially the ones you see on tv commercials. I think the most hyped and promoted products in the market are the ones that aren't effective in clearing your skin. I'm about to give up that time and already accepted the fact that I will never ever achieve that clear, beautiful skin that most people want. Then I read an article about the food you eat and your lifestyle can be the reason why you're having breakouts. And I quickly changed my lifestyle and the food I eat, but I know it's not enough to make my face more pleasing to look at.

The products I use now 

After searching for the best skin care products out there in market, some friends and my dermatologists recommendations, I finally found great products that totally delivers what it promises. Trust me, I tried the expensive ones and the highly advertised ones. From pills, to soaps, to toners, to moisturizers, I felt like I took a course about battling with acne after a lot of researching on the net.

Let me share to you guys my daily skin care routine.


1. Wash my face
2. Apply a pore refining toner
3. Sunscreen


1. Wash my face
2. Apply Rejuvenating toner

With all the soaps and face washes that I tried before, definitely this is the most effective one. I'm using this guava soap that I bought from Dr. Alvin's Professional Skin care line. This soap is so much better than Cetaphil, Pond's, Nuetrogena etc. It doesn't dry out your skin, or cause any irritation or harmful side effects. After my consultation at Flawless, the doctor there told me to continue using this soap, coz it perfectly blends/matches with my skin type. Great for avoiding those nasty breakouts and bumps, plus it's anti bacterial too.

I use this Pore refining toner during daytime. This toner is specially formulated to minimize pores as well as lift and tone the skin, allowing for a more radiant and youthful complexion. Since the appearance of large pores are now my major concern after recovering from a bad acne, the Doctor at Flawless recommended to use this Pore refining toner to help minimize the pores and bring back that glow on my face. 

Never ever ever leave your your or go outside without applying sunscreen guys!. Let me tell you why. The ozone layer is depleting and your face and body needs shielding from harmful rays, skin cancer rates are on the rise and sunscreen has been proven to decrease the development of skin cancer, It helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations, It also helps to reduce the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness and lastly, It slows down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin. I'm currently using this Skin protect gel from Flawless. This gel is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. I prefer using gels than creams when it comes to sunscreens, I always breakouts every time I apply creams on my face, rather than gels. 

And this is the highlight of my skin care routine, without this product, I think I'm still that shy guy with lots of pimples back in the day. This product helped me bring back my confidence and self-esteem. That's why I'm very thankful to whoever invented/made this rejuvenating toner. I bought this Rejuvenating toner from Dr. Alvin's Professional Skin Care line. Seriously guys! their products are all effective and guarantees great results!. I tried a lot of toners out there, but this one just sets the bar high, when it comes to effectiveness. Though the peeling on the first few weeks of using this product is quite bad, but trust me, it's all worth it. My face is ten times better now after using this product. Right now, I'm dealing with the scars on my face. But I'm not worrying because I know, I'm now with the best skin care clinic "Flawless" here in my country, to help me achieve that clear and smooth skin that I've been dreaming of.

There you have it guys! my daily skin care routine. Before trying any product there in the market, make sure that you research about it first, the company, reviews around the net and the ingredients. It's also helpful if you will have a doctor to help you in battling your acne-prone skin. More stories on how I deal with my acne and sensitive skin in my upcoming posts. 


  1. love this post :)


  2. Great post! And sounds good product! Have a great day!
    Noora /www.noorajatuukka.blogspot.fi

  3. Sounds great!


  4. nice post!


  5. Iv been looking for a skin care routine to try out this summer, especially products that can be used for men! Love this post x
    - mikeystyle.com

  6. Amazing post!


  7. Thanks for sharing your routine!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  9. Nice! wanna try these!

  10. Great, thanks for sharing! :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  11. Sorry you had to go through all that in your teenage years. Glad you've found wonderful products that actually work well on your skin. The pore refiner sounds like something I may want to try. Thank you for sharing this amazing product.

  12. Amazing products!! Great photos also!!


  13. These products look wonderful- I'm glad you've found something that works for your skin :)

    Rachel xx

  14. sounds amazing, thanks for sharing. I love the minimal aesthetic of your blog


  15. Hi Michael! I do not know anything about products of beauty!! Fortunate you. I would love to be an expert like you! oday I have started following you on Google+. Hope you follow me back. What do you think to follow us also on Bloglovin or other socials? Let me know....
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  16. Im having a little struggle with my skin nowadays due to the sun and the high temperatures...But i hope it gets better now :-)
    i'LL LET YOU KNOW Michael ;-)

    Cool post ! ;-)

    New post on the blog : ' JON EXPLORES MONROE BEACH KNOKKE '
    Greets Jon

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  17. First of all I love how you ended this post with "Au Revoir" seriously awesome. Also, you are a beautiful swan now! A great post. Really makes me appreciate my skin, which at times is REALLY easy to not do.. Reality check was needed!

    XO K

  18. The products mentioned are all effective, i have acne prone and oily skin too. But the dr. Alvins skin line really helped a lot to removed pimples and lighten scars in my face. However, the rejuvenating toner shall not be used for more than 1month. I suggest after using the rejuvenating toner, use the pore minimizing toner from skin 101 or just us the one in flawless day and night. Or just dont tone up at night and use tea tree gel instead to minimize pores as well

    1. Hi! Where did you got your Dr Alvin skin care products? A lot of fake are being sold in the market now. Hoping for your response.

  19. Great skin care routine! Skin care is so very important and certainly a part of my daily rituals as well. I only wish I'd started much younger--like you! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  20. My skin is very sensitive. Thanks for sharing this. One thing I never changed in my skincare routine to use Dermology anti aging cream for signs of aging. Great post.

  21. It surely needs to be tested by the dermatologists. It will be very wise if you also trouble yourself and check for the product guarantees and safety standards as well as the logos by the medical associations so that you are quality assured. After all this research, you can freely buy the soap for your acne.http://thedermreport.com/obagi-hydrate-moisturizer-review/


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