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I'm so excited to be working at one the most popular high street brands around the globe as one of their digital influencers/bloggers. After all the hard work and effort that I exerted into this blog and my social media accounts (it's pretty confidential right now, that's why I can't name drop any brand name in this post), finally! a major project for a major brand. Makes me want to push myself more and be always be consistent, to attract another opportunity and cool projects.

Moving on, if there is one thing in my closet that didn't disappointed me ever since I bought it, probably this denim jacket that I got from Memo. I have a lot of jackets and outerwear pieces that are only good for a couple of wear, then after it, you'll just feel that you need to buy a new one. Cliche as it sounds, but Denim jackets are the bomb!. They're a life savior, if you need to achieve that laidback, relaxed look without looking too boring or trying hard to look cool. I know how we hate people who are trying hard to look cool, go for denim jackets or maybe a leather jacket will do. Looking effortlessly cool should just flow in your aura/vibe, you have to commit to that cool character you're trying to depict, so that people won't notice you're just faking it. Here's a tip on how to look cool; wear a classic wayfarer, clench your jaw, and walk like you're the shit #howtolookcool101 .

Denim jacket from Memo Clothing
Polo shirt from Penshoppe
Jeans from Joe's jeans
Shoes from Erb and Chet

Photographed by Mike Miguel


  1. <3 it!!


  2. Cool denim jacket, love the contrast the white stitching does against the deep blue colour!

    Greets from Greece :)


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