How I found my style

This blog has been one of my outlet to promote my talents and skills in writing, styling and photography. Building a strong online presence and brand is definitely a struggle, especially if there are a gazillion people aiming for the same thing. You must always come up with the most creative, unique and awesome works, in order to be recognized by people (or you can just show a lot of skin, and do it consistently). Yeah, building a strong brand identity is not just an overnight thing, it takes a lot of hard work, effort and time. Starting with yourself..your personal style. 

" What’s your style? Its kind of like asking, whats your personality? We all kind of know, but can become lost in the hype of dressing for occasions, dressing for other people and buying into what everyone else is telling you to buy .

In my five years of blogging and posting photos of myself online, I have my hits and misses in terms of dressing up. Sometimes I felt really awkward and uncomfortable in some clothing pieces I wore, but I'm doing it all for fashion. Fashion blogging and the street style scene pushed my style over the edge, it helped me build inspirations and a strong wardrobe too. I know that I can't wear what these other guys are wearing (the preppy, dapper thingy) and pull it off. I feel awkward and uncomfortable, more like a walking cartoon, I knew to myself that it's not for me. On the other hand, I have friends that suit color, their personality glows and they look absolutely stunning.

I made a decision that color (bright and bold) wasn't for me it instantly gave a clear direction and clarity on what path to take. Year 2013, monochrome and black was not a big thing of the moment. People are in full decked color during that time, only few people sports an all black outfit. People who wear an all black ensemble were considered fashion gods on the street style scene, decked in Yohji, CCP, Rick Owens etc. I was amazed by the culture and the style, I knew to myself that I must follow it. Then I start appreciating anything with black, white and grey. It's like starting a new diet, you first have to get rid of all the junk food to give yourself a fighting chance to stick to your new resolution. When I go shopping, I only pick black, grey, white and then my exceptions; oxblood, khaki and denim. 

Then I build a lot of inspirations, from people, interior to art. It helped me embody that identity that I'm trying to build. The next step, be consistent and commit to it. 

We’re all on a journey and its nice to share and talk to others about finding yourself through what you wear. I would love to hear your style journeys! just comment below guys. 


  1. Agree, through trial and errors we discover the style that best fits our personality! Love it <3

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
    Palming Pebbles

  2. <3


  3. Love you all ,the clothes ,the hair.the shoe!


  4. You are so gorgeous,and the picture is beautiful.


  5. Truly amazing! Thanks for sharing

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  6. Love you all ,the clothes ,the hair.the shoe!



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