Skin update: Flawless Fractional Needling Therapy (1st and 2nd week results)

Most of you guys are asking what are my grooming regimens and skin care routine in order to have a clear and smooth skin, based on my photos around social media and blog. I received countless of emails and questions from my readers and followers about my secrets in achieving a dewy, youthful and flawless skin. To be honest, I'm one of those teenagers who suffered from bad (worst) acne situation. Pimples started appearing on my face when I was 14, and it became pretty worst when I hit 17, and started to disappear (the pimples) on the final phase of my teenage years. Now I'm left with these nasty and hard to remove acne marks/scars. I tried a lot of products to remove these nasty scars on my face, from the affordable to the expensive ones, none of it works for me. I already swear to myself that I'm going to be stuck with these scars on my face for the rest of my life. Everything is fine, as long as I'm not breaking out again or I maintain a pimple-free face. Getting rid of acne scars is as difficult as getting rid of acne.

Then a friend introduced me to Flawless's Fractional Needling Therapy, I got really interested with this treatment because of the results that my friends showed me. Their before and after pictures really impressed me and at the same time motivated me to try Flawless's Fractional Needling Therapy. To those of you who don't know what Fractional Needling Therapy, FNT is a non-surgical treatment that ensures fast and effective results that can help address scars, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, stretch marks and hair loss.

Without hesitation, I went to Flawless for a FNT treatment. I was really excited as I fill up some forms and signed a contract at Flawless before the actual treatment starts. I was briefed by the doctor at Flawless about FNT, and how the procedure goes, to give me an idea about it. Like their predecessor DermaRoller and Meso Hair, every session of FNT starts with cleansing the area; and the application of topical anesthesia, and choosing the specific serum (medicine) - biological stem cells (BSC), anti-acne, super defense, and lifting serums, anti hair loss serum - to the skin problem. Then, the machine creates micro-channels allowing the medicine to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin to easily stimulate collagen and elastin fibers, without damaging the outer layer of the skin.  

Here's what happened during my FNT session at Flawless and my first week and second week results. 

1. The treatment started with classic facial and cleaning of the face. To remove dirt and extract all the blackheads, whiteheads and some active pimples on my face.

2 & 3. After the classic facial, the Doctor applied an anesthesia cream or gel on my face, and wrapped around it with this plastic thingy on my face for about an hour. This is to prepare myself for the actual treatment, so that I won't feel the little needles pricking on my face when during the FNT procedure.

4 & 5. The Doctor personally did the treatment on me. As you can see, there are some blood all over my face, that is the results of after effect of pricking little needles on my face. Then, the machine creates micro-channels allowing the medicine to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin to easily stimulate collagen and elastin fibers, without damaging the outer layer of the skin.  

6. They wrapped this huge gauze bandage to remove the blood on my face. 

  Face was really really really red after my FNT treatment. If you don't want to be seen like this before you leave the clinic, I advise that you ask for a surgical mask, to cover your face while you're waking around the mall and avoid those weird and judgmental stares from people. 

The doctor gave me some products and maintenance to help the healing process and make the most out of this treatment.

1. Sunblock Gel - To protect my skin from the harsh sun. 
2. Pore refining toner - Helps minimizes pores 
3. Benzoyl Peroxide Gel - For active pimples
4. Skinlite cream - To lighten the marks and help improve your face. 

After the treatment results

First day, my face was pretty red and some little papules started appearing. Don't worry guys, this is just the effect of the FNT treatment and the retinol applied on your face. Trust me, everything will be fine after a few days, so don't panic haha. 

Second day, yeah the papules started disappearing little by little, and you can instantly some great results as early as day 2. My face was slightly red on the second day. 

Third day, my face was no longer red and the little papules already disappeared. Though I have some active pimples, but everything is going smoothly and I can already see amazing results. I noticed that the texture of my face really improved compared to the past days. I told you guys, everything will be fine after three days. The first two or three days are just the downtime or healing process. 

 Eleventh day, face looks great now and I'm just now dealing with my visible pores and some active pimples. 

Thirteenth day, this was shot on daylight. You can see my face was clearer on the 13th day after my FNT treatment. As I said earlier, I'm now dealing with visible pores and some scars that are so hard to remove. The results were amazing! considering the fact that this was just my first session of FNT treatment. The downtime or should I say the healing process was totally worth it.  I just finished my second session of Flawless Fractional Needling Therapy, and I can't wait to share to you guys my next skin update.

Some information about FNT 

1. What is Fractional Needling Therapy?

Fractional Needling Therapy (FNT) is a breakthrough cutting-edge skin treatment brought to you by Flawless. It is the latest addition to Flawless’ Micro Needling Therapies with DermaRoller and Nappage MesoHair. FNT is a non-surgical treatment that ensures fast and effective results that can help address scars, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, stretch marks and hair loss.

2. What is it for? What are the benefits of FNT?

Fractional Needling Therapy is the ultimate answer to a multitude of skin conditions. It can help smoothen deep wrinkles, skin creases and lines such as crows feet as well as laughter lines. It lightens and flattens keloidal and surgical scars, as well as acne pits, dark spots, large pores, scars and stretch marks. This breakthrough solution can also restore the normal hair growth process of patients with thinning hair, balding, receding hairlines, and alopecia. FNT can also achieve lifting and rejuvenation of skin.

5. How many sessions does it take to achieve the desired result?

The number of sessions depends on the area to be treated. For deep acne, keloidal and surgical scars, and stretch marks, it should take 3 or more sessions to lighten and flatten the depressions. But for acne, dark spots, and wrinkles, 3 to 6 sessions produce significant improvements. If one has normal skin condition, but would want to have more radiant and smoother skin, 1 session can significantly rejuvenate the skin.

6. How much is it?

FNT starts at Php4,500. For hair loss treatment, it starts at Php2,500 depending on the amount of serum/medicine needed specifically for the patient’s skin concern. A consultation with the Flawless medical doctor in the clinic is done prior to any treatment. Our skin professionals assess the skin problem before it recommends the amount of serum needed per session.

Thank you for reading!

Fore more details about this treatment, visit Flawless website https://www.flawless.com.ph/


  1. This was very interesting to read, iv heard alot about this procedure but i never really got an in depth view of what its like. Great post! x
    - mikeystyle.com

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  3. Wow. Great post, Michael! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. This is style clothes no timeless,thanks for you share.


  5. Hi, ask ko lang kasi nag FNT na rin ako pero once lang kasi after nun nagkaroon ako ng large pores dun sa mga makikinis na area which made me think twice to do another session. Ganun din ba ang nangyari sayo?

  6. Hi, after ilang days or weeks yung next session?

  7. Why they recommend the 16k treatment? Not the 4500??? Its FNT too .

  8. Yay just had my first fnt session. Its my 1st day today and I'm honestly thrilled to see the results ... We actually paid 8k+ (i dont really remember bc my mom paid for it)
    4500 for the fnt,2000 for the retinol serum *recommended by the doctor*, the post coutery cream *to avoid infection* and then 1300 for the facial treatment

  9. Im planning to avail this service frm flawless. But do u tried fractional c02 laser treatment?


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