Amazing loft ideas

Last night, I was looking for inspirations, and building a beautiful mood board for my upcoming project with an international brand. I'm thinking of creating an industrial yet modern vibe for the whole board. Thank God, I didn't had a hard time looking and compiling for inspirations, coz I follow a lot of artists and designers that has a really great sense of taste and style, and their appreciation for interior is just sublime.

So I was browsing their works, I noticed that they're all living (well most of them) in these beautiful lofts. I love how they turned this kind of space into a chic and sophisticated place to live. Lofts are very perfect for Instagram addicts like me, the amount of natural light is just great for photos. Along with vaulted ceilings are, typically, huge windows. These let in an inordinate amount of natural light, freshening and brightening the entire space easily. That's why I've decided to compile the best of the best loft spaces ever created. Each loft has its own distinct style and vibe, I'm pretty sure you'll find the one that suits your personality and lifestyle, though owning one can be very very expensive. 


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